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Lowell Launches ESP Pendant Speakers, An Acoustic Match to ES In-Ceiling Speakers

Pendant Speakers

Lowell Manufacturing Company, a U.S. manufacturer of professional AV products, announced a new line of pendant speakers will begin shipping early next year. The ESP Series of pendant speakers is engineered as an acoustic match to Lowell’s ES Series of recessed ceiling speakers, using the same drivers and transformers that provide excellent intelligibility for speech and full frequency response for music, in a new form factor.

The new speakers are extremely versatile with an integral bracket assembly that’s ready to hang from cable or pipe—but they can also be converted to surface-mount to a wall or truss by attaching an optional U-bracket to threaded insert points. Acoustically and aesthetically matched speakers in recessed, pendant and surface-mount formats enable integrators to achieve the same sound quality throughout a building, no matter the type of architecture encountered.

ESP Series speakers are available with a 6.5″ 50W coaxial driver, 8″ 120W coaxial driver, or 8″ 150W coaxial compression driver. The durable ABS plastic ported enclosure (black or white) has a pleasing tapered profile and is tuned for extended bass response. It features a magnetic-mount top cover that clicks into place to hide wiring connections and rigging hardware, streamlining the overall appearance.

The speaker assembly includes a transformer tap selector switch, mounted behind a fine mesh press-fit grille, with tap selections for 25V, 70V, or 100V systems. In addition, each model has either an 8 ohm or 4 ohm (UL minimum) transformer bypass position.

The sleek tapered design, pro sound performance, and versatile mounting options make ESP Series speakers an excellent choice for a wide range of applications that require clear speech and full frequency music—even more so when paired with ES Series recessed speakers to achieve the same sound quality throughout an entire building.

The ESP Series is set to begin shipping in January 2021.

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