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Share Sounds, Not Germs With Touchless Audio Spotlight Directional Sound

People everywhere have become increasingly cautious about the objects they come into contact with in their daily lives and, as a result, “touchless technology” is more important now than ever before. For over two decades, Audio Spotlight technology from Holosonics has provided high quality, touch-free directional sound beams in a wide range of applications throughout the world.

In public places everywhere, building managers, museum curators, hospital administrators, and other property facilitators are now faced with the significant challenge of replacing antiquated germ-tainted devices that are shared by people in these settings. The possibility of seriously and/or lethally spreading infection among tenants, patrons, patients and everyone these people subsequently come into contact with has become a new reality in 2020 and there are wide-ranging social, ethical, and legal ramifications to exposing people to contamination.


Headphones image
Museum headphones and listening wands will be relics of the past.


Audio Spotlight directional sound provides a safe, sanitary, and touch-free interactive audio solution for museum exhibits, hospital rooms, libraries, airports, retail stores, visitor centers, and kiosks, just to name a few. Our no-touch speakers with Bluetooth and motion sensor options eliminate the need for people in public spaces to use inferior devices such as headphones, handsets, or listening wands that have been repeatedly handled by other users. In applications where motion sensors are utilized, audio playbacks can be triggered by the motion of a person who enters the space where the directional sound is focused, with no need for hands-on activation via switches or handles.

For example, in museums, older technologies such as headphones and handsets are often re-used by several, and in some cases hundreds of people or more in the span of just a single day. Simply cleaning such devices with anti-bacterial or anti-viral products does not guarantee an item has been adequately sanitized, and frequent, periodic treatment is not practical when dozens of guests interact with the devices every hour. Additionally, if a patron knows that he or she will need to use a hand-held device as part of an exhibit tour, they may be less likely to go to museums, libraries, or any other facility that utilizes these systems.

Improve the Audio Guide Visitor Experience by Eliminating Traditional Sound Devices

“We’ve seen many articles and reports online that highlight the unsanitary nature of using traditional hands-on devices such as headphones for audio tours in museums and other public settings,” said Dr. F. Joseph Pompei, Founder and CEO of Holosonics. “People may be surprised to learn that the foam used in headphone cushions is like a sponge that absorbs body moisture and allows the transfer of skin cells, biological material, germs, bacteria and viruses that can potentially transfer from one user to another. The no-touch and sanitary directional sound that Audio Spotlight delivers is a much safer alternative compared to hands-on devices like headphones.”

As a result, more than ever before, businesses like museums are seeking ways to quell public fears and eliminate unsanitary devices by providing patrons with touchless audio narratives. Since 2000, thousands of Audio Spotlight systems have been installed in a wide range of applications around the world, as hundreds of companies have chosen this patented touchless technology to provide high-quality, precisely controlled sound, while preserving the quiet.

For its use in settings such as museum exhibits, the flexible, self-powered, touchless Audio Spotlight directional speaker is a powerful tool that delivers isolated, immersive audio in a private listening experience while keeping the surrounding area quiet, clean, and safe. Audio Spotlight provides hands-free directional sound in public spaces that eliminates the need to use tethered headphones that are unsanitary, unsafe, and cumbersome.

Click here to visit our applications pages to learn more about our patented directional audio technology and see featured installations that have utilized touchless Audio Spotlight focused sound speakers.


Audio Spotlight in Action
Audio Spotlight is a revolutionary audio technology that creates sound in a narrow beam, just like light. Aim the flat, thin speaker panel to your desired listening area, and provide all of the sound and none of the noise.™ From museums, exhibits, and digital signage to retail stores and special projects, hundreds of companies have chosen this patented technology to provide high-quality, precisely controlled sound, while preserving the quiet.™

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