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Auralex Announces Sustain v2 Bamboo Sound Diffusors

INFOCOMM, Orlando, FL, June 17, 2015 –Auralex® Acoustics, Inc. (booth 1472), the world’s leading brand of acoustical treatments, announces the availability of enhanced “v2” models of the acclaimed and popular Sustain™ Bamboo Sound Diffusors. The new and improved design is based on customer input and extensive testing.

These handmade, environmentally friendly bamboo sound diffusors offer increased performance and exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetics to complement any space. They feature sharper angles and updated construction that enhances the premium performance that these diffusors are known for.

In addition to enhanced v2’s of the popular Sustain WavePrism™, Sustain WaveLens™, Sustain QuadraTec™ and Sustain Pyramid™, Auralex is offering the new Sustain Metro™ Bamboo diffusor. The Sustain Metro™ adds a contemporary cityscape aesthetic to your space, while its exacting design eliminates flutter echoes and evenly disperses acoustical energy throughout your environment.

Auralex Sustain v2 Bamboo Sound Diffusors Features:

  • Material: Environmentally Friendly Bamboo is sustainably grown and harvested
  • Optional Absorption and Advanced Diffusion: Can be back-filled with Mineral Fiber or Studiofoam™
  • Sizes: 23-inch x 23-inch (Depth varies depending on model)
  • Mounting: Wall, ceiling or drop grid mounting options (model-dependent)
  • Finish: Natural Bamboo
  • Mathematically and geometrically engineered for optimized diffusion characteristics.

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