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Auralex Goes Big for State-of-the-Art Texas Home Theater Installation

Auralex’s ELiTEâ„¢ Custom Fabric Systemâ„¢ Modernizes Acoustics and Decor

FRISCO, TX – When Mike Brock, lead designer and project manager for Richardson, TX-based UltraMedia, Inc., was given the task of installing a state-of-the-art, multi-technology system in a newly constructed home in Frisco, he turned to

AuralexA® Acoustics

, the industry leader in innovative sound control solutions, for his acoustical treatment needs.

The 6,000-square-foot home and accompanying party barn boasts a fully integrated, state-of-the-art home technology system, including audio, video and lighting. Auralex played an integral role in the design and concept of the home theater’s acoustical treatment, helping to create a trendy, high-end residential entertainment zone where the family can enjoy movies and sporting events.

To make the concept a reality, Auralex worked with Brock and his team, which included architect Rick Price, builder Clayton Kennedy Construction and interior designer Leigh Mall, to develop the initial design and treatment layout. “Emily Frame, regional manager at Auralex, put together a lot of really nice conceptual drawings at the beginning of the project that helped us create an incredible home theater,” says Brock. “This was the first time where I actually had the manufacturer come down and take an active role in the project and it really worked out to everyone’s advantage.”

Auralex’s custom panels were installed throughout the theater. After the panels were set in place, all four walls of the home theater were then covered with Auralex’s ELiTEâ„¢ Custom Fabric Systemâ„¢ (ELiTE-CFS), a proprietary, fully engineered acoustical treatment system that utilizes a patented retention channel and custom installation process. The treatments include a combination of absorption, diffusion, reflection and bass trapping, with all the acoustical materials hidden behind the system’s smooth stretched-fabric surface. Utilizing a specialized retention channel and a truly custom installation process, the channel, treatments and fabric are all cut and custom fit on site, allowing for any dimensional change or room irregularity.

As a proprietary and patented retention channel system, the ELiTE-CFS provides secure mounting, creating a clean finished edge. With hundreds of fabric styles and colors to choose from, the ELiTE-CFS allows for unlimited design possibilities, perfectly matching up with any décor. The ELiTE-CFS also offers a Class A fire rating for peace of mind when setting up a home theater or studio.

The media room also features an attached game room — both spaces decorated in a Texas Tech color scheme, as the homeowners are supporters of the school. Auralex worked with the interior designer to create a three-layer color striation in the space — going from grey, greyer to greyest. To maintain the Texas Tech color scheme, the theater also features five opaque glass LED columns that shine bright red, offering a great added visual to the space.

Another unique feature of the theater is the seating arrangement, as there are two rows of traditional theater seats, with the third row a fully functional bar with barstools. This presented a unique audio challenge, as the bar was constructed entirely out of metal. To reduce vibrations, UltraMedia asked that the metal posts be filled with sand to deaden any potential ringing.

The entire room is constructed of a sound-reducing drywall, and the theater features a solid core door, which further helps to isolate the space acoustically. The theater also features a thick, heavily padded carpet on the flooring so that no additional ceiling treatment was needed.

The theater features an 9.2 surround sound system, with nine additional speakers installed (left, center, right, two front-height speakers, two on the sides and two on the rear). UltraMedia then used a REL Studio sub bass unit on the main speakers and one on the center channel.

“We just took it as far as we could to make the room sound great and not have any rattles or ringing,” adds Brock. “It’s an effortless sound when you listen to it; it’s got that visceral impact.”

The installation also included a long list of high-end home theater gear, including a Wolf Cinema DCL-200FD DLP/LED video projector, Wolf Cinema ProScaler, Wolf Cinema WC-ANAVFX-01 prismatic lens, Screen Innovations Black Diamond HD 2.39:1 142-inch screen, Apple TV, Integra DHC-80.1 preamp/processor, Integra DTA-70.1 nine-channel amplifier, Bryston 6B-SST three-channel amplifier, Sony BDPCX7000ES 400 Disc Blu-ray changer, Vienna Acoustics Klimt Music speakers, Vienna Acoustics Klimt Poetry center and Waltz Grand wall mount speakers, REL StudioIII Reference Series sub-bass system, RTI T3V color touchscreen remote and Tributaries Silver balanced cables.

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