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Aurora InfoComm 2015 Preview

Visit Aurora at InfoComm 2015, Booth 3059, June 17-19

Aurora at InfoComm 2015: 

NEW! IPX 4K Video Over IP Series With IPBaseT(TM)

At InfoComm 2015, Aurora will be showcasing the revolutionary IPX-TC1 Audio and Video over IP Transceiver. Leveraging Aurora’s IPBaseT(TM) Technology, the award-winning device is the market’s first 4K2K transceiver with zero compression and zero latency. Combining the ability to use the unit as a transmitter or receiver, the solution greatly simplifies overall system design, ordering, stocking, and deployment. Equipped with an option slot to add IP capabilities such as USB 2.0 over IP or Dante audio, the complete, distributed system also enables audio, video, data, and control to be securely delivered to one or many units using standard 10G Ethernet fiber or copper switches. The IPX-TC1 can support up to 128×128 channels with HDCP (virtually unlimited without HDCP) and provides users with an OSD menu and Web-server to deliver incredible ease of use.

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Image Caption: IPX-TC1 Audio and Video Over IP Transceiver

NEW! DXP-62 

The new DXP-62 high-end low-cost scaler accepts up to four HDMI inputs and two VGA/YPbPr/Composite inputs and scales up to 1920×1200 HD resolution at 60Hz via the units HDMI and HDBaseT simultaneous outputs. Leveraging One Room — One Cable(TM) features, the HDBaseT output will pass PoH power to the awaiting HDBaseT receiver as well as RS-232 and IR control for the display. The unit will be available in packages with any of Aurora’s award-winning DXE-CAT receivers allowing the customer to configure with onboard amplification, relay control and background/paging integration for a complete single cable solution. With the addition of four external audio inputs, additional MIC input with independent volume control, de-embedding line level stereo output and auto sensing/switching video inputs, the DXP-62 is perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, and A/V cart applications.

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Image Caption: DXP-62

One Room — One Cable(TM) Kits

Aurora’s product display will also feature the company’s three single-package One Room — One Cable(TM) kits. Packaged with two ceiling tile speakers, a dual-input HDBaseT wall plate switcher, HDBaseT receiver with 2x35W amplifier, and an eight-button in-wall control panel, the innovative kit makes the installation process incredibly simple by only requiring a single cat-cable between switchers and displays. Comprised of the ORC-1, ORC-2 and ORC-3, the solutions enable more efficient out-of-box setups for today’s classrooms, conference rooms, and other single room A/V applications via Web-based control, HD video distribution, IR, and RS-232 connectivity.

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Image Caption: One Room — One Cable(TM) Kits

VTUNE Pro 4K Tuner 

The Aurora VTUNE Pro 4K tuner is the industry’s first 4K2K RF Tuner/IPTV all-in-one solution. Designed for any integrated system requiring IPTV, ATSC, QAM, NTSC and PAL, the tuner is capable of decoding MPEG2, MPEG4, VC-1, H.264, and H.265 with resolutions up to 4096×2160 at 60Hz via both RF and LAN. In addition, the innovative device is equipped with an onboard 4K scaler for viewing 1080P HD content on 4K displays. 

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Image Caption: VTUNE Pro 4K Tuner 

QXT-700 HD Platform-Agnostic Touch Panel

Aurora’s innovative 7-inch QXT-700 quad-core HD touch panel is a platform-agnostic Web-server based solution embedded with an integrated control system. Featuring a 1280×800 resolution HD screen and 2D/3D graphic accelerator, the unit ensures both stunning graphics and a responsive GUI experience for a wide variety of environments. Equipped with a quad-core processor, PoE-enabled 1 Gbps LAN port, multiple on-board RS-232/IR/Relays, as well as DIO ports, the QXT-700 is specifically designed to bring more efficient control to any conference room, classroom, or hospitality A/V application. For seamless video streaming, the solution features a MPEG2/H.264 high definition decoder while a built-in Web server accommodates iPad(R), Android(TM), and MS tablet connectivity without the need to install any additional apps.

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Image Caption: QXT-700 HD Platform-Agnostic Touch Panel


The TCW3 is a three-gang transceiver wall plate with dual HDMI inputs and a single HDMI output. Its modular SFP+ port for single or multimode fiber (also available in a copper 10G version) makes it the first fiber-based networked HDMI wall plate on the market (a copper 10G version is also available). When configured as a transmitter (input), the auto-detectable HDMI inputs allow for two sources to be selected from a single wall plate over the network. HDMI output becomes a local loop-through for the selected source. When configured as an output, the TCW3 really shines — it serves as an output HDMI plate installed behind the display for easy wiring. In this scenario, in addition to the networked matrix sources, the two HDMI inputs become local source inputs for in-room viewing.

Image Link:

Image Caption: IPX-TCW3 Wall Plate

DXM Third Generation Matrix Switchers 

New at InfoComm 2015, DXM third generation Matrix switchers, the DXM-88-G3 8×8 matrix, DXM-1616-G3 16×16, and the DXM-3232-G3 32×32 card-cage matrix systems. Updated to 4K UHD, these completely new systems add some major features to the system, such as embedding Aurora’s QXT touch panel control engine as the main interface for the matrix. The front panel will now house the new QXT-700 touch panel offering not only control for the Matrix but full control for the entire system adding IP, RS-232, IR, relays, and DIO ports directly to the Matrix. Additional updates include an embedded 1G network switch allowing Ethernet to pass directly over the HDBaseT inputs and outputs for streamlining wiring infrastructure throughout a facility. The DXM-G3 system will also provide PoH for all Aurora HDBaseT peripherals (HDBaseT wall plates and receivers). The system also adds audio breakaway switching giving complete flexibility for multi-zone audio enhancement.

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Image Caption: DXM Third Generation Matrix Switchers

Company Quote: 

“Aurora’s InfoComm lineup includes a wide range of solutions made to simplify the installation and delivery for next-generation media applications. Hugely successful since its introduction earlier this year, our multiple award-wining IPX-TC1 IP Transceiver leverages 4K2K zero compression, zero latency IP technology as a foundation for AV signal distribution, routing, control, and videowall processing. We are also showcasing our One Room One Cable kits which completely streamline the setup process, VTUNE Pro 4K tuner — a 4K2K RF Tuner/IPTV all-in-one solution, and 7-inch platform-agnostic QXT-700 touchpanel. We look forward to showing participants in Orlando how our products can reduce costs, increase flexibility, and virtually eliminate complexity from the system design process.c

— Paul Harris CEO, Aurora Multimedia Corp.

About Aurora: 

Founded in 1998, Aurora Multimedia products utilize state-of-the-art technologies, providing solutions that surpass typical specifications and features. Starting with the introduction of the industry’s first non-proprietary Web-standards based IP control systems and touch panels, through today’s advanced HDBaseT and IP video distribution solutions, Aurora Multimedia has become a dominant force. Advanced audio/video processors with scaling, multi-image rotation and dual/quad display processing add to the highly-adaptive, diversified product line. Aurora Multimedia provides solutions for a variety of global markets including government, education, security, hospitality, corporate and house of worship. More information is available at

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