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Barefoot Sound Introduces Footprint01 Speaker at Winter NAMM

Barefoot Sound, the Portland audio powerhouse, is introducing the Footprint01 (tm) speaker at Winter NAMM.

Footprint is a New Series by Barefoot Sound

Barefoot Sound, the Portland audio powerhouse, is introducing the Footprint01 ™ speaker at Winter NAMM. The new powered nearfield monitor delivers the company’s renowned audio performance and build quality to engineers, producers, composers and musicians working in smaller spaces and with smaller budgets.

Barefoot’s new line launches with the Footprint01(tm), an active 3-way speaker that shares the same Thomas Barefoot signature Dual-Force(tm) technology as the company’s popular MicroMain and MasterStack monitor lines: opposing sub woofers, dual ring radiator tweeter and Multi-Emphasis Monitor Emulation(tm) technology.

The Footprint01 2-way DSP crossover feeds dual amp modules that drive the subwoofers with 500W of power and deliver 150W to the mid- and high-frequency drivers. The midrange woofer is positioned above the tweeter in a distinctive speaker geometry that creates acoustic focus in the center of the cabinet.

As with every Barefoot monitor, Footprint01 allows the user to preview any mix as it would sound through alternate reference speakers by emulating the frequency, phase, transient response, dynamic compression and distortion characteristics of a variety of classic studio monitors.

Barefoot’s revolutionary speaker design provides audio professionals with exemplary sound quality, wide dynamic range and bass extension at every stage of the audio production process. The new Footprint01 is the Barefoot response to evolving modern workflows by making the company’s ultra-high performance technologies available to audio professionals working in home-based facilities, smaller writing, editing or post production rooms, or on the road.  Learn more and watch Footprint01 video here:

Experience Footprint01 at Winter NAMM Booth #6820A


Barefoot Sound has become the leading manufacturer of pro audio recording monitors.  Barefoot’s innovative speaker designs have been embraced by the biggest recording studios, recording artists and producers in the world.  These professionals have chosen Barefoot as the tools they use to make the music you hear on the radio, television and movies everyday.  Barefoot is an American made product with headquarters based in Portland, Oregon where the speakers are assembled and tested.

For more info visit:      tel: 503.894.8602

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