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Bauer Digital Announces Exclusive UK Distribution Deal with Lighthouse Technologies

Bauer Digital

Bauer Digital one of the fastest growing brands of LED in the UK, are pleased to announce that they have signed an exclusive UK distribution deal with Lighthouse Technologies.

Paul Langridge UK General Manager for Bauer Digital stated “We are thrilled to announce this partnership officially. Bauer Digital and Lighthouse Technologies have been working together for several years, with Lighthouse Technologies supplying a large amount of the Bauer Digital Indoor LED range already. Having exclusive access to the Lighthouse Technologies ranges, including their award-winning outdoor LED product, means that Bauer Digital can now provide a huge range of super high-quality products from stock held right here in the UK”.

Peter Chan, CEO of Lighthouse Technologies, confirmed, “For over 20 years, the UK has been one of our most important markets.  Our partnership with Bauer Digital further demonstrates our commitment to bring best-in-class products with holistic services to our UK clients.  I am deeply impressed by the creativity and professionalism of the Bauer Digital team, and I look forward to completing many more successful projects with them.”

Bauer Digital’s BDL range was launched to meet the requirements of the corporate and broadcast 4k hi-end market. The latest indoor product, the BDL Mini, with its 600 x 337.5 cabinet 16:9 ratio, is only 24mm thick making it one of the slimmest LED cabinets on the market with a pixel pitch of 0.9mm to 1.8 and front surface serviceability. Bauer’s BDL mini–LED Series matches colours with CIE standard. It calibrates both brightness and colour for the least brightness variance and true colour reproduction from the video source. The Bauer Digital BDL Series provides DUAL power, signal, and control system (on request) to minimize the risk of operation faulty during the event.

Bauer’s standard LED and highly popular BD range has two cabinet sizes 1000 x 250 and 750 x 250, with 4 or 3 interchangeable modules. Bauer Digital products have been designed to enable an upgrade path where most of the LED structure remains in place, and only the modules are changed. This reduces the amount of waste with the structure being able to be re-used.

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