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Beale Street Audio Launches Four Flexible Amplifiers, One Amplifier App

Each amplifier offers transparent, robust power and a unique feature set for different residential and commercial applications

Beale Street Audio Launches Four Flexible Amplifiers, One Amplifier App 

Each amplifier offers transparent, robust power and a unique feature set for different residential and commercial applications.

Memphis, TN – August 5, 2015 – The acoustic innovators at Beale Street Audio are proud to announce four new amplifiers, all with unique designs that address a variety of commercial and residential audio applications. The substantial product line expansion includes three speaker amplifiers, one subwoofer amp and a Bluetooth controlled audio calibration app for precision tuning, all of which can be paired with Beale Street Audio’s Sonic Vortex speakers and subwoofers to provide exceptional, low-profile listening experiences. The new amplifiers will be available direct from Beale Street Audio as well as through distribution channels via Beale Xpress.

“Each of our new amplifiers has been thoughtfully designed to overcome different installation challenges and to provide the best possible performance no matter what the room conditions,” said Jim Murray, founder of Beale Street Audio. “When paired with our Sonic Vortex in-wall speakers and subwoofers, the resulting system offers double-take worthy dynamics, nuance and soundstage.” 

New Beale Street Audio amplifiers include:

The Mothership – Model IA1250: Beale Street Audio’s flagship amplifier features 12 independent channels of amplification with bass and treble control by zone, zone and global IR control, and bidirectional RS232 control. For added flexibility, the IA1250 can manage 8 ohm and 4 ohm or 70/100 volt applications on each channel individually. The 4/8 ohm or 70/100 volt selection is useful for a multitude of situations and “hybrid” residential-commercial jobs and delivers unprecedented value for an amplifier of its class.

The Genius – Model D2.1: This programmable 2×60 (at 4ohm) and 2×40 (at 8ohm) amplifier is the perfect small room solution and is the most intelligent of the new models. The amp features IR input for control with any remote and it can be paired with an optional Bluetooth module that connects to an audio calibration app. The D2.1 also features L/R audio inputs, an optical input, subwoofer output and auto turn on/off with delay adjustment. Beale Street Audio’s new mobile app includes a 10-band graphic equalizer, volume and subwoofer control, low and high-pass filters, and additional subwoofer output adjustments for phase, frequency output, level and subsonic filter. It is also 4 ohm stable.

The Slim Multi-tool – Model A4X40: For compact flexibility, Beale Street Audio offers the A4x40, a high efficiency Class D amplifier with four channels of amplification at 40 watts, and the option of running three or two channels with more power. The rack-mountable solution also features high/low pass crossover, and because it’s 2 ohm stable, multiple speakers can be run off of it simultaneously.

The Low-Frequency Muscle – Model A100: To power low-frequency effects and basslines, Beale Street audio developed the A100 100-watt subwoofer with 40 Hz to 300 Hz crossovers, 0 to 180 phase settings, and the ability to drive multiple subwoofers simultaneously since it is 2 ohm stable. When paired with Beale’s in-ceiling subs, the end result is a less intrusive and potent low frequency solution without the excessive floor space or structural bracing other subwoofers require. 

All of Beale Street Audio’s amplifiers are designed to work with a wide range of speakers, including the company’s own Sonic Vortex powered in-ceiling and in-wall models. Beale’s Sonic Vortex technology reimagines the traditional ported enclosed speaker design to deliver significantly more bass and a flatter frequency response. This audible improvement is achieved by separating the main port of the enclosure into multiple sections called “fins” that are tuned to ideal listening specifications. The fins compress and move air at a high rate of speed without port noise and also add to the cabinet’s rigidity. Compared to sealed models, the Sonic Vortex design provides a 6 to 9 db boost in the mid-lower bass ranges and a flatter frequency response across the audio spectrum. Beale Street Audio speakers are also customizable with variable designs for both cabinet air volume and port dimensions.

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About Beale Street Audio

Beale Street Audio is redefining the performance standard for architectural speakers and amplifiers by introducing real innovation to a category that has not seen anything fresh for a long time. All Beale Street Audio speakers feature patented Sonic Vortex™ Technology, a unique enclosure design that produces unprecedented levels of bass output and room energizing dynamics from in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. Backed by customer-friendly policies, and first class operational support, Beale Street Audio prides itself on delivering unsurpassed value to the residential and commercial markets, while being easy to do business with. Learn more at: 

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