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PCI China and RSL Present Beijing “Rock School” Seminar and Concert with QSC

Beijing, China (March 5, 2018) —The focus on music as an essential part of education in China, not an extra, is well-known around the world. Recently, Prime Connections International (PCI), distributor of QSC in Asia, recently partnered with British-based organization RSL, purveyor of the Rock School educational system, to bring the power and appeal of Rock School to China. Two important special events were held — a training seminar on digital mixing for the Rock School franchisees and a performance by bands featuring young talent led by renowned drummer Paul Elliott — utilizing TouchMix-8, TouchMix-16 and TouchMix-30 Pro compact digital mixers, four KLA12 active line array loudspeakers, four KW181 active subwoofers, as well as a number of K10.2 and K12.2 active loudspeakers.

Rock School, the first organization to offer certificates and qualification tests in contemporary music styles, teaches music interactively and socially by bringing school-age students into bands to rehearse together and ultimately give a public performance. To evangelize this method, PCI, RSL, and RSL’s distributor Liangqin Jiamu first held the summit for Rock School distributors from over 100 cities in China, at which Mr. Bin Wang of PCI spoke about the benefits of digital mixing with session recording functionality.

“With the function of recording and playing back the track for a specific band member, TouchMix solves the problem of having to suspend the rehearsal or gig because of the absence of any one member,” noted Mr. Bin Wang. “And at any time, a band member is able to practice his or her own performance under the background of recorded tracks of other performers, simply by muting his or her own track and playing along live.”

Mr. Wang then asked the attendees about the most crucial problem they face when mixing Rock School ensembles live, and the overwhelming answer was: feedback. “The TouchMix Series incorporates an Anti-Feedback Wizard which detects the problem frequencies and reduces gain in specifically those areas,” he responded.

Attendees were very impressed with the TouchMix-30 Pro used to run the presentation, as well as the complete TouchMix line, which was on display. Mr. Zhang from the Inner Mongolia Lecui Contemporary Arts Center commented, “The TouchMix Series offers the advantages of great portability, ease of operation, and a great diversity in functions. With its solid integration with DAWs, the TouchMix-30 Pro is ideal to meet the needs of a number of musical performers.”

Ms. Wang of the Enhan Music Center in Guangzhou Province commented, “I’m very impressed with the sound quality and audio processing delivered by TouchMix. This training event has been a unique and unforgettable experience.”

In addition to the TouchMix mixers, attendees were impressed with the QSC loudspeaker technology used in concert with them. “All of the QSC equipment used in conjunction enables us to consistently deliver sound quality of the highest standards,” said Mr. Bin Wang. “Listeners at the seminar were impressed by the amazing sound delivered by the complete QSC audio solution, including clear high-frequency sound and bass with the lowest extension, making for an impressive audio experience during the event.”

Afterwards, the QSC equipment— the TouchMix 30 Pro, KLA Series line arrays, KW181 subwoofers, and K12.2 monitors —anchored a concert that showcased what Rock School is all about: a performance at which internationally renowned drummer and music educator Phil Elliott led two all-youth bands: Open, consisting of five boys of ages nine through 12, and Cool, comprising four girls in the same age range. Both bands played modern music covering metal, punk, rock, and pop styles.

“A speaker system with wide sound coverage and a high standard of quality was required for the room, which covered a total area of 400 square meters,” said a concert technician. “The KLA12 line array loud speakers were chosen to meet this demand, with their horizontal coverage of 90 degrees and vertical coverage of 18 degrees per box.”

Meanwhile, both the live mixing and multi-track audio capture of the performance was entrusted to the TouchMix 30 Pro. “With its ease of operation and snapshot save-and-recall functions, the TouchMix 30 Pro delivered high-quality sound, even with a variety of operators,” noted the technician. “The TouchMix-30 Pro also enjoys 32-track recording, and via the USB connection, this can be piped over to a DAW or played back and mixed right onboard.”

As for audience reactions, they’re best summed up by Mr. Bin Wang of PCI. “Attendees expressed that they truly experienced amazing sound quality and precise mixing under high sound pressure levels,” he says. “It totally immersed them into the whole spectacular performance. As the exclusive distributor in Greater China of QSC products, PCI was delighted with the outcome! We see why QSC has received such high recognition among music professionals.”

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