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Bexel at IBC2017

Bexel Clarity 800 Camera

At IBC2017, Bexel will showcase its custom-built Clarity Camera 800-HD, the world’s first miniature high-frame-rate (HFR) point-of view camera for live production. Building on Bexel and Camera Corps’ unrivaled experience using specialty cameras in live broadcast, the company developed the standard-setting Clarity 800 camera system to meet sports and event producers’ increasing demand for high-quality, real-time HFR video. The Clarity 800 offers HFR processing in HD up to 8x (480 fps) and 1080p for superior quality and can handle all video formats, including 1080i and 720p. The system delivers complete camera functionality in a form factor that is only 4.7 inches high, 2.56 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. The Clarity 800 easily integrates into a live event ecosystem, operating as a broadcast camera system with real-time processing via fiber optics and integration with industry-standard video servers. Key features include a full-function remote control panel for paint control of the camera and a positive-lock lens mount with lens control of focus, iris, and zoom motors.

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Bexel Clarity 800 Miniature HFR Point-of-View Camera

Wireless Audio and Communications Solutions

As the custom systems integration division of Bexel, Bexel ESS has over 15 years of expertise in RF and wireless system design, with services spanning frequency coordination, equipment selection, system design, integration, and training. The proprietary Bexel ESS line of Managed Antenna System (MAS) products provides a robust and scalable solution for wide-area coverage of low-power wireless devices, greatly extending the usefulness of transmitters and receivers for on-air talent cueing, on-air talent microphones, and crew communication for both live events and permanent installations. Bexel ESS also offers RF design and installation solutions for meeting the new Federal Communications Commission spectrum changes.

Fiber-Optic Solutions

To meet its clients’ growing need to accommodate 4K and its requirements for increased bandwidth and 12G support, Bexel has recently made a substantial fiber-optic equipment investment. The company’s expert fiber technicians are equipped to design a custom fiber-optic infrastructure or an RF-over-fiber solution for a number of microphone, IFB, intercom, and microwave camera systems to meet the needs of any broadcast event.

Bexel’s newly launched Fiber Mini Booth Kit is a solution that uses audio, video, intercom, and IFB equipment to connect an announce booth with a mobile unit up to 3,000 feet away without signal degradation — all over six strands of single-mode “tactical” fiber-optic cabling. The Mini Booth Kit gives productions the ability to send and receive signals over 12 bidirectional video paths (six each way), 16 audio paths (eight microphones, eight intercoms), and four IFB channels, and it offers an optional robotic camera interface with Ethernet control. The Fiber Mini Booth Kit is extremely user-friendly and can be moved around and set up within minutes, making it ideal for smaller productions with only a single on-site technical manager to set up the various fiber paths.

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Bexel Fiber Mini Booth Kit

Creative Studio and Integration Solutions

Bexel ESS is the Bexel division providing custom systems integration, managed services, and turnkey design for high-profile broadcasters and networks. Bexel ESS effectively improves business operations through the creation of custom solutions for producing high-quality video content. Bexel ESS developed the Creative Studio, an IP-based, cloud-managed solution for the distribution and consumption of both live and recorded video content.

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Bexel Creative Studio

Company Quote:

“IBC2017 is the premier opportunity for Bexel to showcase its latest innovations in production services and engineering to the European broadcast community. With a continual focus on broadcasters’ demanding and evolving requirements, Bexel is committed to staying on the leading edge of the technologies of today and tomorrow. A great example is our brand-new Clarity 800 camera, developed in direct response to customer demand for a high-speed POV camera with HFR and the real-time processing needed for live sports. And our Fiber Mini Booth Kit demonstrates Bexel’s ongoing technology leadership in fiber-optic solutions.”

— Craig Schiller, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Bexel

Company Overview:

Celebrating more than 35 years of broadcast excellence, Bexel skillfully delivers unparalleled production services and engineering expertise for some of the world’s largest televised events. Bexel has mastered the art of service from concept to completion, and its unique solutions equip broadcasters to capture powerful content anywhere in the world. Bexel’s specialized broadcast offerings include fiber optics, specialty cameras, 4K solutions, graphics, custom flypacks, and RF intercom, as well as systems integration, managed services, enterprise solutions, and product sales. Since 1981, Bexel has continually enhanced and evolved the media production experience.

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