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BlackTrax unveils version 2.2

CAST BlackTrax brings a sharp new version of its award-winning BlackTrax real-time motion tracking system now offering centralized control of third-party systems and multiple GUI and system enhancements.  

I like all the new features especially the fixture selection in chapters and the auto douse option. Also, I LOVE how easy it is to update the WYG file in BlackTrax.

Istvan Fazekas, BlackTrax Programmer at Cirque du Soleil 

Version 2.2 refines and builds on a customer feedback on v2.1, and is initiating long-requested features. These include:

Centralized Output Widget

Manages all output connections to 3rd party systems, including RTTrPL, RTTrPM and Art-Net protocols.

Third Party Improvements

In addition to the above, Output tracking data can be smoothed per Trackable as well as easy sharing of Outputs as they can be exported into a separate file.

Auto Douse and Smooth Pickups Automated Lighting Behaviours

Auto Douse will automatically douse a light according to motion. Smooth Pickups activate at the beginning of a chapter to create a seamless transition between scenes.

Fixture Calibration

Up to 24 positions can be calibrated and re-called for each chapter. Fixtures can have different trim heights and still maintain tracking accuracy.

Smoothed Centroid Solver

When tracking a combination of multiple tracking points (LEDs), the Centroid will gradually fade into the remaining visible LEDs (and fade back once the hidden LED re-appears). This also applies to third party devices, which have been written into the Centroid module using BlackTrax RTTrPM protocol.

BTWYG Improvements

It’s now possible to view LEDs and Centroids directly in BTWYG’s Shaded View and easily select LEDs and Centroids, with a focus on either the LEDs themselves, or how they are used within a Trackable. BTWYG is now based on the popular wysiwyg R39 lighting design and previsualization software encapsulating all its innovative features, including alpha beam shadowing enabling even more creativity.

Beam Collision Zones and Beam Sizing are now more accurate

Using predefined spatial Zones with Beam Collision and Beam Sizing, a calibrated position of the fixture is used instead of the BTWYG draw position.

Interested in BlackTrax? Get in touch with CAST [email protected] or find a BlackTrax dealer close to you .

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