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Blaze Audio Announces Its Wall-S1 Smart Networked Controller

Greensboro, NC – December 2022… Blaze Audio, a manufacturer of professional solutions for commercial audio applications and a subsidiary of Pascal A/S of Copenhagen, Denmark, is pleased to introduce its new Wall-S1 Smart Networked Controller. With the ability to connect, configure, and control installed systems, the new Wall-S1 is the ideal complement to the company’s award-winning Smart PowerZone Connect DSP amplifiers, including 7 current models ranging in power from 120W to 3000W across up to 4 zones depending on model and application. (PowerZone Connect 122, 252, 254, 504, 1002, 1502, 2004, and 3004)

On the surface, the Wall-S1 enables end-user control of input source and volume, over PoE, via a single network cable. It goes deeper with many advanced features and settings that system installers can easily configure for any room or location. Up to 8 Wall-S1 controllers can be added to a single amplifier, and the intuitive menu provides a customizable interface that system integrators can easily configure to provide a very smooth and intuitive experience for the end-user.

Any Blaze Audio PowerZone Connect amplifier can be controlled remotely with the Wall-S1. Whether it’s a connected amplifier, wall controller, or both, these easy-to-set-up smart solutions employ the PowerZone Control interface, which allows integrators to configure any installed system in minutes—making the Wall-S1 a dramatic time saver. The system enables one to integrate multiple controllers per zone and manage any sound zone at any location with ease.

The Blaze Audio Wall-S1 has a rich feature set, including provisions for connecting upwards of eight Wall-S1 controllers per PowerZone Connect amplifier—facilitating multiple control points throughout a room or series of rooms. It is possible to allocate any Wall-S1 to any sound zone, which is intuitively configured in the PowerZone Control web app. For real-time device syncing, the Wall-S1 supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) for power and easy network pairing. With the Wall-S1 controller, one can easily change source or manage volume in a zone with preset minimum and maximum gain levels. And to ensure access only by authorized personnel, the system offers PIN code protection for basic and advanced access, including system shutdown when leaving a location. The Wall-S1, which comes in black or white, is designed to complement the aesthetics of any given space with impressive control over color scheme, brightness, backlighting, and sleep options.

Kevin Wilkin, Blaze Audio’s Executive Sales Director for the Americas, commented on the new Wall-S1 Networked Controller, “The Wall-S1 puts the power and versatility offered by our PowerZone Connect series amplifiers in the hands of the end-user. Integrated with our PowerZone Control web app, the Wall-S1 makes it easy to take control of a sound zone and, for example, quickly change source and manage volume controls. With its PIN code protection for system security, this controller is ideal for commercial locations like bars, restaurants, cafés, and retail stores. And with its sleek, stylish, and minimalist design that blends aesthetically into any environment, this controller is every bit as beautiful as it is capable. I have complete confidence that integrators will find much to like with the Wall-S1.”The Blaze Audio Wall-S1 Networked Controller has exceeded expectations in terms of demand and has already sold out of its first run. The Wall-S1 will be available for new installations beginning February 1st. For more information or to find an authorized dealer, please call (888) 500-0109 or email [email protected]. For additional product information, visit

About Blaze Audio

Headquartered in Greensboro, NC, Blaze Audio is a subsidiary of Pascal A/S of Copenhagen, Denmark—the leading supplier of amplifier electronics for the global AV market. Drawing upon the vast resources of its parent company, Blaze Audio is on a mission to create commercial simplicity through product flexibility at competitive pricing. The company ensures commercial simplicity by way of efficient operations and by innovative product designs that enable fewer products to cover more fixed install applications. To learn more about Blaze Audio, visit the company online at or call 1-888-500-0109.


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