New IRiS™ R2 & IP3 Video Panels feature over 30 refinements and upgrades and includes an all-weather panel for outdoor use, designated as the IP3.

IRiS™ video panel line with the addition of two new models: IP3 and R2.

The IRiS IP3 is built to perform anywhere – rain, shine, or three feet of snow with a layer of ice thrown in for kicks. It is IP65 (front) rated and real-world tested by crazy Wisconsinites in the dead of winter. Beyond its outdoorsy personality, the IRiS IP3 also has impressively high 4,500 nit brightness that can render perfect video images even in direct sunlight.

The flagship indoor video panel, IRiS R2, is a milestone in LED video technology. Beyond its 2.9mm pixel pitch, IRiS R2’s exceptional brightness, contrast and refresh rate easily rank at the top of the list of available solutions.

Both the IP3 and R2 have ETL certification. They are designed for easy one man handling, and their sophisticated quick lock system makes setup a breeze. These models also feature fast and accurate side locks that allow curved connections from 10° concave to 5° convex and unparalleled video processing from NovaStar® Armor series receiving hardware.

“Mom always told me TV would rot my brains,” says CEO Will Komassa. “Well Mom, you were right. It has enslaved me to such a degree that I now make a living selling massive, infinitely expandable TVs. But what can I say? The IRiS panels’ continued development and refinement mean that production designers have even more flexibility and creativity at their disposal than ever before, and that’s not all bad, is it?”

In addition, customers will receive support from Blizzard’s IRiS™ cross-rental program so they will never be short on panels. Their enhanced 2-year limited warranty also means the company is standing behind these exceptional new products with service and support.

“Now pass the Cheetos and pipe down,” Komassa added. “Wendy Williams is on.”.