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Breakthrough eight-chapter “Online Applied SMART Board Course”? promises to create a movement that revolutionizes the way training is delivered to K-12 school districts.

“Online Applied SMART Board Course”? is available now for immediate purchase for the revolutionary low price of US $69.95.

TORONTO, CANADA, January 26, 2010 — Asserting that the time had come to create a movement that fundamentally changes the way technology training is delivered to K-12 school districts throughout North America, Blossom Learning today previewed its eight chapter “Online Applied SMART Board Course”? now available for purchase for only US $69.95 at

. In doing so, the online training solutions provider comprised of former teachers and AV presentation professionals asserted that the average teacher would now be able to become highly proficient using the SMART Board creatively in their daily lesson plans in a matter of weeks.

“Our goal is huge but achievable,”? declared David Weatherhead, Sales & Marketing Manager at Blossom Learning. “We are going to work with teachers and administrators to creative a new movement in technology training, one that changes the way training is delivered to K-12 school districts everywhere, one that redefines the price-performance value of training, and one that ultimately makes technology training a practical reality for every teacher and school district, regardless of their location.”?

The world’s first teacher-designed, 100% online training course created and priced to bring the SMART Board fully to life in every K-12 classroom is designed and created by former educators and AV presentation professionals who are dedicated to transforming the way technology is integrated in the classroom. “Teachers need to be able to fully apply the capabilities of the SMART Board, creatively, in their daily lesson plans and they need to be able to do this quickly and affordably,”? explained Weatherhead. “It took a group of former teachers to address this need, which they have done with the development of this compelling, step-by-step, eight chapter course that helps new users to the SMART Board quickly harness the full capabilities of the board.”?

The “Online Applied SMART Board Course”? is designed to be a complete and affordable training solution that comes with built-in LMS administrative facilities that allow school districts to facilitate purchases, allocate courses to teachers, and track individual teacher progress toward completion. The course is priced low enough to allow individual teachers to purchase it on their own as well as administrators to purchase it for their entire school district. And, because it does feature built-in LMS facilities, administrators can measure the productivity of their investment teacher by teacher.

The online course is available immediately in English. French will be added in March 2010 and Spanish will be added in June 2010. German and Portuguese will follow in August 2010. The course also includes PDF-formatted homework practice sessions, as well as end-of-chapter reviews and quizzes that must be completed before proceeding to the next section.

Here, in brief, is an overview of what is included in each of the eight chapters:

Chapter One – Overview

∑ What is a SMART Board?

∑ Why did your school buy it?

∑ Reasons for using a SMART Board

∑ What can it do for me?

∑ Uses in Classroom

∑ How to use the SMART Board effectively in the classroom.

∑ Connecting the SMART Board

∑ What are all those cables and components that are associated with the SMART Board?

∑ Accessing SMART Tools

∑ Learn how to get your SMART Board to function properly!

∑ Floating Toolbar

∑ Probably the most useful tool available to you?

Chapter Two – Using Electronic Media

∑ Onscreen Keyboard

∑ Never have to refer to your computers keyboard in the middle of a lesson!

∑ Right Mouse Click

∑ Use your finger as a mouse and find

∑ Orientating the SMART Board

∑ Make sure your touches are accurate!

∑ Interacting with files and the web

∑ Use the same files and websites, but control them from the SMAR Board!

∑ Writing on the SMART Board

∑ Endless whiteboard space to write your notes!

∑ Ink Layer

∑ Imagine a large acetate over your computer screen!

∑ Ink Aware

∑ Embed your handwriting right into Microsoft Word or Excel.

Chapter Three – Using SMART Notebook Software (Part 1)

∑ Launching SMART Notebook Software

∑ Create lessons through SMART Notebook Software.

∑ SMART Notebook Interface

∑ Understand the basics to SMART Notebook software!

∑ Language Settings

∑ Over 30 language settings!

∑ File Management Tools

∑ Save, Save As, or export your interactive lessons!

Chapter Four – Using SMART Notebook Software (Part 2)

∑ Drawing Tools

∑ Use the shape tool in math!

∑ Display Features

∑ Create shared reading exercises on the fly.

∑ Screen Capture Feature

∑ Save your work or your students work!

∑ Creating Tables

∑ Automatically insert images and text to create sorting activities!

∑ Page Sorter Tab

∑ Organize and rename your lesson pages to create a better lesson flow!

Chapter Five – Using Objects

∑ Understanding Objects

∑ Why can’t I delete objects with the eraser?

∑ Manipulating Objects

∑ Resize and move objects!

∑ Handwriting to text recognition

∑ Messy handwriting? Make your notes legible on the fly during class!

∑ Cloning Options

∑ Use this feature to recreate a plant cell!

∑ Locking Options

∑ Locking objects makes student interaction a no hassle task.

∑ Flipping Objects

∑ Create mirroring exercises!

∑ Order of Objects

∑ No need to worry about the order in which you bring in objects!

∑ Grouping Objects

∑ Create class notes that you can hide on the site of the screen.

∑ Object Properties

∑ Change the color and line style of any object

Chapter Six – Using the Gallery

∑ Gallery Essentials

∑ Over 6000 pieces to help you create a more engaging lesson!

∑ Gallery Search Function

∑ Easily find that map of the world!

∑ My Content

∑ Create your own gallery!

∑ Attachments Tab

∑ Easily access that website or pdf file you constantly refer to in class!

∑ Downloading Lessons

∑ Don’t re-invent the wheel!

Chapter Seven – Adding Multimedia

∑ Hyperlinks to Objects

∑ Create engaging lessons by linking to external websites or files!

∑ Inserting External Images

∑ Insert your digital camera images as soon as you get back into the classroom!

∑ Adding Sounds to Objects

∑ Create quick daily physical activity to your class!

∑ Inserting Video

∑ Demonstrate valuable information using educational videos!

∑ Page Recording

∑ Record that championship winning sports play!

∑ SMART Recorder

∑ Record events outside of SMART Notebook software!

∑ SMART Video Player

∑ Play, pause, annotate and save your notes while watching a video!

Chapter Eight – Making Lessons Interactive

∑ Download SMART created lesson

∑ Save time and increase student awareness!

∑ Lesson Activity Tool Kit

∑ Create a nice flow to your lessons by incorporating a consistent design!

∑ Lesson Pages

∑ Add consistency to your lessons!

∑ Lesson Activities

∑ Make your lessons fun by using interactive games and activities!

∑ Graphics

∑ Endless graphic templates to choose from!

∑ Interactive Tools

∑ Create a vocabulary lesson in the middle of math class!

∑ Sharing Lessons

∑ Be apart of the movement and share your lessons with others!

Get up and running with the SMART Board within minutes of starting the course:

According to Paul Weatherhead, Operations Manager, the course allows teachers to complete training on their schedule, which shouldn’t take any more than two to three weeks. However, teachers will be able to get up and running with the SMART Board within minutes of starting the online course! By the time they are finished, teachers will have progressed sequentially from the Fundamentals level through the Intermediate and Advanced levels, and receive a personalized Certificate of Completion.

More importantly, according to Weatherhead, the availability of the affordably priced “Online Applied SMART Board Course”? will forever eliminate the ‘trial and error’ approach to learning that has characterized the way some teachers have had to approach the SMART Board in their classroom. “Let’s face facts. Teacher’s might have had to wait to receive any training on their new board, now they can be up and running within minutes. Furthermore, with our course, teachers can return to the material over and over again until they become proficient!”?

Paul Weatherhead asserted, “Let me be clear. We don’t want to replace face-to-face training with our course, we want to help those districts and teachers who can’t afford face-to-face training, or who are located in areas where it is not offered. We also see our online course as a powerful add-on to any current face-to-face training program.”?

David Weatherhead believes that this course is, quite simply, the most complete, first of its kind online applied course for the SMART Board that helps unleash the full capabilities of this product for teachers everywhere. “That’s amazing in and of itself. The fact that it does so in a compelling and entertaining manner, hosted by a 21st Century avatar named Mrs. Blossom, and priced at only US $69.95 makes “The Applied Online SMART Board Course”? an overnight revolution in educational training, one that we believe will create a global movement for change.”?

Blossom Learning will be demonstrating its “Online Applied SMART Board Course”? at FETC 2010 in Orlando, Florida from January 12-15, 2010 at Booth #621 in the Orange County Convention Center and then again at TCEA 2010 in Austin, Texas from February 8-12, 2010 at Booth #2671 in the Austin Convention Center.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Blossom Learning is an innovative online training solutions provider comprised of former educators and AV presentation professionals who share a commitment to bring technology to life in the classroom environment through applied online training courses that are comprehensive, compelling, and priced to revolutionize the way teachers learn. The privately held company was started in 2009 and is located at 110 Cumberland Street, Suite 330, Toronto, Ontario M5R 3V5 Canada. The main telephone number is 1-877-390-7560. For additional information about Blossom Learning, please visit



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