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Brooklyn’s Transmitter Park Studio Adds Solid State Logic XL-Desk

“It’s exactly what we were looking for; not only for our workflow, but the way it’s put together and laid out”

BROOKLYN, NYTransmitter Park Studio, located near the waterfront in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighbourhood, has added a Solid State Logic XL-Desk as the centrepiece of its comfortable and sun-drenched Studio A. Headed by Abe Seiferth, Danny Taylor and Matthew Patterson Curry, Transmitter Park is a versatile creative space that attracts many electronic and indie artists and projects. The studio specialises in the fusion of electronic and organic sounds, featuring both a large and eclectic collection of synthesizers and a sunlit live room offering vintage drums as well as guitars, amplifiers and microphones.

Upon the console’s introduction last year, the Transmitter Park team knew that the XL-Desk was a natural fit for their studio. “Our reactions were very much alike; it was exactly what we were looking for,” Taylor recalls, “not only for our workflow, but in terms of the way it’s put together and laid out, and fits with our existing setup.”

For its owners, the console broadens the studio’s sonic palette and advances their production methodologies. “The XL-Desk has improved the workflow, amplified the way we work and made the creation and mixing of music easier—which is what a good piece of gear should do,” says Taylor.

“I love how quickly you can get things done on the console,” adds Seiferth. “You’re able to audition different colours so quickly, without patching, and it’s just a more intuitive and tactile way to work. Being able to hear things better and audition things quicker saves time.”

Transmitter’s XL-Desk is fitted with four of SSL’s 500 format E-Series EQ modules and a selection of modules form other manufacturers, providing the legendary SSL console sound alongside other tonal flavours. It also features the renowned Stereo Bus Compressor and eight built-in Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) preamps to provide an extremely versatile foundation for audio capture and processing.  “Engineers that typically work in-the-box,” Taylor says, “get frustrated when they have to spend time patching outboard equipment just to find out how something sounds. With the XL-Desk, they can instantly audition any mixture of equipment and sounds.” Clients appreciate the XL-Desk’s flexible routing that allows them, for example, to toggle between bus compression, “to see how it’s reacting and how it sounds, whether in the tracking or mixing process.” That convenience, Seiferth says, “adds a little extra magic. We still do a lot of in-the-box processing too,” he explains, “and the hybrid workflow really made sense for us.”

The XL-Desk’s fully featured monitoring section and bass management (it accommodates three sets of speakers plus a subwoofer) is another benefit, one that Seiferth instantly recognised. “You hear the speakers better from the first moment,” he enthuses. “They even perform better, with the way the crossover happens. It’s great to be attached to more than one set of speakers, and to be able to toggle the subwoofer in and out.”

Being able to access the SSL SuperAnalogueTM big console sound in a compact frame was key for the team. “That lineage and technical pedigree can be found in this form,” Taylor says of the XL-Desk. “You don’t have to have a Duality to still get that response. It’s great that SSL was able to translate that.”

“You do feel this bigness,” Seiferth agrees. “There’s a high-fidelity about the console—it’s this quiet, beautiful, clean thing. I got used to the dead-quiet noise floor of working in-the-box. That hasn’t changed while working on the XL-Desk. Instead, I hear all of the new sonic colour. It makes it very easy to just keep on working.”

You can watch the full Transmitter Park SSL video interview here:

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