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Building on the Success of Its Siblings, TransAudio Group Introduces the Feature-Rich Drawmer MC3.1 Monitor Controller

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – SEPTEMBER 2016: Known for 35 years of English-built high value professional audio processors for live and studio applications, Ivor Drawmer and his crack team of engineers have recently turned their focus to the heart of the studio: monitor controllers. The Drawmer MC2.1 gave engineers the features, conveniences, sound, and value required for today’s working professional. The new Drawmer MC3.1 adds a list of upgraded features for more demanding recording studio environments. The MC3.1 includes a new 24/192 digital input, a mono sub feed that can tap any of the three monitor pairs with its own on/off, an extensive assignable cue system, an upgraded talkback system with external mic input and foot switch functionality, a new “mix check” facility, and a new monitor level “preset” that assures playback at a specific user defined level at any time.  These new features dramatically increase the usefulness of Drawmer’s MC3.1 in a more complex set up.

“I’ve been using monitor controllers from other manufacturers for a long time, both in the studio and (more often for me) while demoing studio monitors,” explained Brad Lunde, founder and President of TransAudio Group, Drawmer’s U.S. distributor. “I found that units below US $1,000 change the sound of the source, change the stereo image, or alter the source signal in some way. Drawmer’s engineering team has figured out a way to get all the essential features into an affordable, yet ‘high-end sound,’ controller that has proven very popular. We use Drawmer MC2.1 monitor controllers to demo $20,000 studio monitor pairs, and that surprises some clients and speaks to Drawmer’s high quality level. The MC3.1 builds on that success with a lot of new features, and yet the unit still comes in at under US $1,000.”

The Drawmer MC3.1’s digital input is AES/SPDIF (24-bit/192kHz). Two stereo XLR analog inputs, one stereo RCA, and one 1/8-inch jack for iPods are controllable from the front of the unit with a separate volume control. The main mix and cue mix can separately select any combination of these inputs. Three separate loudspeaker outputs are similarly selectable in any combination, and a separate subwoofer output can be used in conjunction with any, all, or none of the loudspeaker outputs. All loudspeaker outputs have separate trim for precise level matching. Talkback features can use an internal or external mic, engaged from the front panel or from a new foot switch ?-inch jack. Intuitive and well-thought-out mix-checking functions allow engineers to quickly diagnose problems. Calibration of monitor levels has been addressed as well. Many additional features and design considerations are detailed on the Drawmer website.

The Drawmer MC3.1 is now shipping.

PRICING: US MSRP $999 • MAP $899

TransAudio Group, founded by industry veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier U.S. importer/distributor and/or U.S. sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm.

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