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Cabletime reveals new additions to MediaStar range with New Multi-Tuner Lan-Caster Gateway Line Up

New IP Multi-Mux and IP Re-Caster Gateways with Encryption Support also making debut

Cabletime has launched a number of crucial additions to its family of MediaStar Chassis products. These next generation MediaStar Gateways provide customers and integrators with the ability to receive, manage and direct multiple IP streams to specific end points based on rules created in the MediaStar Media Manager software and also the ability to route and convert multi-cast streams to unicast and vice versa.

Multi Tuner (Multi-Mux) LAN-Caster Gateway range
ISE will also see the arrival of three new additions to the MediaStar LAN-Caster Gateway range. These next generation products all offer multiple tuning/de-muxing capability and enable the re-cast of multiple IP streams at up to an aggregated 200 Mbit/s throughput. With encryption and decryption capability, MediaStar Media Manager easy configuration software and high channel density per chassis card, these new products are ideal for pro-AV managers looking for a professional solution that is power, cost and rack-space efficient.

The Multi-Mux LAN-Caster Gateways have been optimised for international use and include ATSC/QAM (Model 795), DVB-S2/S2X (Model 794) and DVB-T2/C (Model 793) broadcast standards.

Amongst the key features of the product are:
• Supports SD,HD & UHD TV transmissions
• Select channels by multiplex or by channel name
• Unrestricted number of TV channel IP streams from up to 5 RF multiplexes
• All original PIDs included in each stream
• Optional stream encryption
• Auto configuration with MediaStar Media Manager software
• DSCP tagged streams for QoS enabled networks
• Compact, Up to 9 Units in 3RU
• IP command pass through and IR Routing support
• Easy software upgrade path and feature enablement
• Low power consumption (17W)

Together with MediaStar Media Manager, these new Multi-Mux LAN-Caster Gateways provide powerful, manageable and scalable solutions for automatic channel detection, naming and distribution of IPTV streams around an IP network.

IP Multi-Mux Gateway (796)
This new solution receives IP transport stream multiplexes’ from cable and IPTV content providers and enables a system administrator to selectively re-broadcast only the relevant channel content to end points within their networks. Content aggregation is easily achieved using the MediaStar Media Manager Software and the re-cast channels can be a mix of multicast or unicast IP streams.

IP Re-Caster (799)
Cabletime is also launching an IP-Re-caster which supports the efficient routing of content across the WAN through conversion of multi-cast streams to unicast and vice versa. This makes the solution ideal for university campus or large enterprises with multiple sites.
Both new gateway products are easily integrated and support encryption and decryption.

Shaun Oxenham, CEO at Cabletime, said: “The MediaStar Chassis range now incorporates the latest technology advancements to provide customers with more flexibility and greater cost-efficiency in their multi-cast IP streaming implementations without compromising on the quality of the broadcast content.

The MediaStar range provides TV/AV and multimedia distribution products primarily for medium to large enterprises, which require future-proof, stable and proven solutions for live TV, corporate communications, multicasts, music TV, training and digital signage.

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