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CAD Ships New CADLive High Performance Mics

CAD is now shipping the second series of high performance microphones spearheaded by the D89 dynamic instrument and D90 vocal mics.

Solon, OH––CAD Audio is shipping the second series of CADLive vocal and instrument microphones as part of an ongoing expansion of the company’s popular mic line.

Ideal for miking electric guitar amps and cabinets, drums, brass and strings, the CADLive D89 Supercardioid dynamic instrument mic produces a powerful, articulate response in any kind of onstage miking situation. Highly accurate and built tough, the D89 is equipped with a Trueflex™ diaphragm and PowerGap™ high gauss Neodymium magnets.

Also equipped with a Trueflex™ diaphragm and PowerGap™ high gauss Neodymium magnets, the CADLive D90 Supercardioid dynamic vocal mic is designed and engineered to deliver a powerful, smooth and highly articulate performance in high SPL live situations. The D90 features a durable case for maximum protection and survival on the road.

The new CADLive D32 and CADLive D38 Supercardioid dynamic handheld vocal mics are both equipped with a Neodymium capsule that produces superior sound quality with clarity and an extended frequency response. The D32 features a QuietTouch™ on/off switch. The D32X3 and D38X3 3-packs are both outfitted with carry case and mic clips.

Commenting on the new mics, CAD VP of Business Development Glenn Roop said, “Given the critical acclaim and widespread popularity of the D80 dynamic, D82 ribbon and D84 condenser CADLive mics, we expect these new models to have the same high level of popular and critical acceptance.”

D89: MSRP $119.00 – MAP $89.00

D90: MSRP $129.00 – MAP $99.00

D32X3 3-Pack: MSRP $69.00 – MAP $49.00

D38X3 3-Pack: MSRP $79.00 – MAP $59.00

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