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Good Shepherd Community Church Chooses Listen EVERYWHERE

Good Shepherd Community Church is a nondenominational church and operates a K–8 school in Boring, Oregon. Weekly (pre-COVID) attendance is around 1,000 community members. Seating in their main chapel accommodates up to 1,200.




The church had an aging assistive listening system that needed to be replaced because it wasn’t reliable. Many of the devices weren’t working, so congregants with hearing loss stopped asking for and using them and couldn’t hear the service.




The church purchased Listen EVERYWHERE. Now Good Shepherd Community Church members can access the broadcast audio from multiple areas around its campus, providing assistive listening to more people than ever before. Listen EVERYWHERE broadcasts crystal-clear audio via Wi-Fi to the free Listen EVERYWHERE app on iOS and Android devices. Using the Listen EVERYWHERE system, the church can broadcast audio from worship services and classes to congregants’ and students’ own devices. They can also connect the audio to any Bluetooth device, including hearing aids. The free customizable app features welcome videos, text banners, channel labels, and more. Good Shepherd customized the app with its logo and colors.


“We especially like how easy the app is to customize with welcome messages, links to custom content and our website, and the ability to even use our icons,” said Jim Chase, Media Director at Good Shepherd Community Church.




Not only is the church able to broadcast audio around its campus so no one misses out on a service or class, but Listen EVERYWHERE is also the perfect tool for keeping people safe from the global COVID-19 pandemic. People use their own devices, reducing the risk of spreading the virus. Plus, the church doesn’t have to worry about cleaning shared devices.


“Listen EVERYWHERE gives us the ability to broadcast from any of our venues on campus so that we can provide assistive listening for more people than ever before,” said Chase.


Users download the free Listen EVERYWHERE app to their iOS or Android devices, open the app, and select the channel they want to hear. They can also stream to any Bluetooth-enabled device, including a car stereo or Bluetooth hearing aids.

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