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Case Study: The Hotel Concord, NH

DVDO solves connectivity and collaboration in a mixed use hotel space

The Installation

The Hotel Concord in New Hampshire took advantage of DVDO TILE’s easy installation and simple, but advanced user operation to provide state-of-the-art presentation facilities with minimal complexiity. The hotel has numerous meetings held in the various rooms, ranging from sales, to team or huddle room-type meetings as well as product or service team discussions. As the meetings often include corporate, product or service presentations that are heavy on visual elements, it was necessary to provide a flexible video integration component. The DVDO Tile unit is installed in a couple of locations in the hotel, including the Board Room space and a meeting room called “The Lobbyist”. By using the DVDO TILE, the hotel eliminated the installation hassle and cost of running HDMI and VGA cables across the room to the presenter’s location. In addition to the simple installation, TILE offers easy operation and greater functionality for guests and allows multiple users to present information on the meeting room screens at the same time, without having to share a single device or connection point. Installation and configuration of the DVDO TILE was simple, taking only 30 minutes in total to complete. The integrator merely had to assign a fixed DHCP address to the unit from the hotel’s Nomadix gateway and authenticate the DVDO TILE in the system to allow users access to it.

Guest Use 1: The Lobbyist

 The hotel has a meeting area just off the main lobby called “The Lobbyist” that allows up to 24 people to meet and participate in meetings and discussions.  The meeting area contains two (2) 43” LED TV’s connected via HDMI to the DVDO TILE, which is connected to the hotel’s guest WiFi network.  Users then log onto the guest WIFI and use the TILE App to broadcast content to the DVDO TILE device, which then displays the content on both TV screens for dynamic presentations and group meeting collaborations.


Guest Use 2: Board Room

The hotel also has a boardroom meeting area that has a heavy workload, especially around primary and election season. This space can be setup as a meeting room, or in a typical boardroom configuration, making it perfect for brainstorming sessions or executive-level meetings and discussions.  By adding the DVDO TILE to this location, the hotel eliminated the need to run additional cables across the room to the center of the conference table, or to the large-screen projector on the ceiling.  As with the Lobbyist room, meeting participants can log into the hotel’s guest WiFi and use the TILE app to broadcast content to the projector. Up to 5 people can present information to the large screen at the same time, all managed by a meeting administrator, for incredibly dynamic and engaging meetings and discussions.



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EscapeWire Solutions

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EscapeWire Solutions has been providing consulting and managed IT Services to clients in a wide range of industries for over 15 years. In that time, they have built a reputation on trust, expertise and dedicated customer service.  And, because they specialize in small to medium-sized businesses, we know what it takes to keep companies running smoothly. We manage their technologies so they can focus on what’s important to them and their customers.



Hotel Information:

The Hotel Concord

11 South Main St

Concord, NH 03301

The area’s first lifestyle hotel, The Hotel Concord offers visitors to the Granite State’s capital a new level of classic elegance and comfortable sophistication. Guests enjoy the intimate and modern amenities of a small, independent boutique hotel coupled with the relaxed and inviting atmosphere that epitomizes New Hampshire hospitality. Occupying the fourth and sixth floors of the Capital Commons building in the heart of downtown, just steps from the State House, guests at The Hotel Concord enjoy the unique experience of feeling not like a tourist, but a traveler.


Hotel Representative – Jamie Simchick

Jamie Simchik is an owner of The Hotel Concord and Capital Commons, which are part of 100 Market Group, a New Hampshire-based, family-owned company. He primarily focuses on the operational aspects of these properties. Jamie is always in search of new technologies that not only improve the experience of guests and tenants in their buildings, but make the management more efficient. He graduated from Colgate University and has a Master of Business Administration, Master of Urban Planning and Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development from the University of Michigan.


Project Contacts:

Jim Noyd

Noyd Communications Inc.


M: 310-951-3768



DVDO®, Inc., an award-winning provider of high-quality, high definition video processing, switching and universal connectivity solutions, has now deployed Universal Casting for educators, professionals and commercial integrators. TILE simplifies the process of wirelessly connecting one or more users to an existing display system. It enables a one-of-a-kind collaboration experience by casting any desktop, application, video, image, or other content to the shared screen with the simple touch of a button. The result is the most productive solution available.

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