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Children’s Hospital Saves Lives with RTS & Telex RadioCom

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia outfitted their Cardiac Catheterization Lab with a state-of-the-art intercom system from RTS Digital Matrix and Telex RadioCom. A Cardiac Catheterization Lab, or

Cath Lab

, is a specially equipped examination room designed for performing coronary catheterizations; a minimally invasive procedure that can diagnose or treat heart conditions.

With such a delicate procedure, effective communication is absolutely essential. Everyone involved in the process; doctors, nurses, technicians, and other staff, must be able to contact each other clearly and reliably at all times. That is why the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia chose a

digital matrix system from RTS

with wireless components from

Telex RadioCom

. Each of the four control rooms is fitted with a

Telex RadioCom BTR-700 wireless base station

and a

RTS KP-12LK 12-position keypanel

. The


is used by the nurses so they can speak to each other in their respective cath labs.

RKP-4 4-channel wireless beltpacks

by RTS were used to facilitate wireless communication, as well as Telex

TR-700 wireless beltpacks


PH-88R single-sided lightweight headsets


There is nothing like the

RKP-4 wireless intercom system

anywhere in the world. The

RKP-4 four-button wireless keypanel intercom system

is a one-to-one (one

base station

to one


) full-duplex, digitally encrypted wireless intercom and will provide communication directly to

RTS Digital Matrix Intercom communication systems

. The


offers a list of standard features that are unparalleled in the industry, like frequency agility, digital audio encryption, advanced ClearScanâ„¢, battery telemetry to the base station, base station


meter and much more. The


is packed full of the latest technology like intelligent power control,


digital audio processing and proprietary digital audio encryption.

The head nurse and the supply technician have direct communications to all four

cath lab

control rooms. They can speak with the recording nurse and can communicate with other rooms within the

Cath Lab


KP-12LK wired keypanels

are installed at central points within the

Cath Lab

so communication between rooms is easily achieved. In addition,

MKP-4 4-position keypanels and speakers

are also installed.


RTS compact matrix frame

connects to the



Telex RadioCom BTR-700 wireless base stations


RTS keypanels





Cath Lab

staff at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is now able to perform life-saving procedures knowing that RTS and Telex RadioCom will deliver their communications in a heartbeat.

For more information, visit the RTS & Telex Intercom website:

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