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Christie is Painting Pixels Everywhere at Live Design International 2015 With Total Solutions for Live Events and Permanent Installations

Christie Boxer, Christie Pandoras Box, Christie Velvet and enhanced Christie M Series demonstrate diversity of Christie solutions

Christie is painting stunning pixels everywhere at the Live Design International (LDI) show in Las Vegas October 23-25, using an extensive range of display options for diverse environments to demonstrate its total solutions approach. Making its global debut is the Christie M Series line of 3DLP projectors featuring enhanced performance with both longer lamp life and portrait capabilities for the 450W models. 

Pandoras Box will be the source behind the key displays on the booth including the award-winning Christie Boxer 4K30, Christie Velvet LED tiles and Christie MicroTiles technology – producing striking visuals. Other booth highlights include Christie Spyder X20 video processing, Christie H Series projectors, Christie UHD touch LCD displays and an automated projection mapping display.  

“Whether it’s live events or permanent installations, Christie has the solutions to bring the imagination to reality,” said Kathryn Cress, vice president, global & corporate marketing, Christie. “The LDI show is yet another opportunity for Christie to show the versatility and capability of its offerings.” 

Christie Boxer and Pandoras Box in the same corner
Installed in portrait mode, the multiple award-winning Christie Boxer 4K30 will combine with Pandoras Box, creating a lifelike 3D clock tower mapping display. Christie Boxer 4K30 is a powerful 30,000 lumen, high-resolution projector designed for rental staging and live events that delivers an unprecedented user experience every time. 

Christie Pandoras Box is a series of award-winning hardware and software tools for show control, projection mapping, image compositing, and interactive applications up to and beyond 4K. Position, rotation and scale can be changed on the fly with soft edge blending for an unlimited number of projectors. Whether it’s projection mapping, on a stage, a broadcast set, or supporting an interactive museum experience, Pandoras Box delivers what users can imagine on budget and on time. 

Enhanced Christie M Series, Christie Velvet and Christie MicroTiles
Debuting globally is the enhanced Christie M Series 3DLP projector, which will project in portrait mode onto the floor and feature real-time ID tracking tags and unique imagery from Christie Pandoras Box. 

Driving the content to the impressive 3 x 5 Christie Velvet 1.9 millimeter LED wall is Christie Pandoras Box.  Scalable and configurable into almost any size or shape – making them perfect for a corporate setting, hospitality venues and retail- Christie Velvet LED tiles deliver 24/7 reliability and bright, seamless visuals with wide viewing angles. Christie Velvet uses a solid-state design for easy assembly and reliable, long-life, maintenance-free operation. 

Christie Pandoras Box will also manage content displayed on a 4 x 8 array of Christie MicroTiles. Christie MicroTiles’ bright, color-rich and flawless images are the perfect digital technology for creating impressive displays in rental staging applications as well as lobbies, auditoriums, government facilities and more.

Two Christie H Series projectors will be mounted in redesigned smaller and lighter rigging frames. The powerful Christie Spyder X 20 video processor will control the images projecting onto a curved screen, demonstrating H Series’ integrated warping and blending capabilities. The dual-lamp 1DLP Christie H Series is suitable for both mid-to-large rental staging and permanent applications including concert halls, auditoriums, hotels, houses of worship and more.

Christie is also teaming with BOI Solutions. The BOI software will enable interactive control to show the features and benefits – on FHQ552-T flat panels – of the Spyder X20. BOI Solutions, Inc. is an advanced resource management and collaboration company that provides enterprise systems, software and analytics to clients, enabling them to make informed decisions.

As a LDI Gold sponsor, Christie is also providing four DLP projectors for the LDI “Projection Master Classes.”  

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