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Circle Technology Appoints Stampede a North American Distributor Of Its Groundbreaking Presentation Solution

Circle Technology, the pioneering Vancouver, Washington-based company formed by InFocus Systems founder Steve Hix, today announced the appointment of Stampede Presentation Products Inc. to serve as a North American distributor of its groundbreaking new portable, wireless, Internet-free presentation system solution.

Available for delivery from Stampede beginning next month, the Circle Technology presentation system is intended to revolutionize the way small groups present and share information. “Having spent the last 20 years of my life perfecting large-scale presentations, I decided to shift my focus to small groups and the result is the Circle Technology portable presentation system,” Circle Technology President Steve Hix said today. “It is the first portable, wireless, paperless presentation system that allows presenters to put content into everyone’s hands without the Internet, anywhere at any time.”

Comprised of high-quality resolution Circle Displays and Circle Wizard Software, the system allows users to screen share anything from a computer to multiple Circle Displays with no paper, no binding, and no networks.

“Stampede has the experience, the dealer network, and the passion we are looking for to establish the Circle Technology system as the new reference standard for small-group presentations,” Hix emphasized. “We are very excited to have Stampede on board as a strategically important part of our North American sales program.”

According to Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly, “Circle Technology’s presentation solution is an absolute game-changer that represents the future of small-group wireless presentations. The Circle Technology platform makes it possible for end-users to present anywhere they go, without the need for additional hardware, creating limitless opportunities for users looking to share content in any imaginable setting. Our commercial and consumer customers are going to immediately understand and respond to the benefits this remarkable presentation system delivers.”

Circle Technology’s portable presentation system offers an on-the-go solution that allows a presenter to screen share any presentation or content, via the Circle Wizard Software, from their PC directly to the Circle Displays in the hands of their audience. The crystal clear 1280×800 HD resolution Circle Displays allow presentations to be put directly into the hands of the audience, without bulky, printed presentations or the seemingly endless distractions that could be found on their own devices. The Circle Wizard Software is compatible with WindowsA® 7 and 8, making it possible for the software to be downloaded to any PC that uses Microsoft OS.

What’s more, the Circle Wizard Software makes it possible to present without any connection to the Internet, thus eliminating any worries about faulty connections. The software also allows for up to 10 Circle Displays to be connected at once, giving presenters the opportunity to put their presentation into the hands of multiple people at the same time. The software works on a self-contained, encrypted WPA2 password protected network, powered by the standard wireless capabilities embedded in today’s PC’s, allowing for a secure and private connection between the presenter’s PC and the audience’s Circle Displays. The network can be adjusted on the go without the hassle of having to generate and distribute new passwords and user names, making the task as easy as possible for the presenter. Real-time sharing and collaboration is an integral element of all presentations, and the Circle Wizard Software allows the presenter to control the flow of their presentation.

Circle Technology presentation system packages, all backed by a one-year warranty, will be available from Stampede in the following configurations:

Single Pack: This pack features the Circle Wizard Software, 1 Custom Circle Display and Circle Display Stand, and the Circle Protective Sleeve. The Single Pack is available for $999.

Circle Wizard Package A: This package offers the user the Circle Wizard Software, 2 Custom Circle Displays and Circle Display Stands, a Slim Circle Carrying Case, and a Circle Protective Sleeve, all for a price of $1,799.

Circle Wizard Package D: This deluxe package features the Circle Wizard Software, 4 Custom Circle Displays and Circle Display Stands, and a Carrying Case with a charging system, allowing the user to keep their displays charged at all times. This package is available for $2,999. (Pictured)

About Circle Technology

Circle Technology is a pioneering Vancouver, Washington-based company with a family of presentation system solutions. Our products allow you to present without the Internet, anywhere at any time. We bring a complete system to the presentation, providing the highest quality screen resolution from our Circle Displays. Our Circle Wizard Software allows you to screen share anything from your computer to the Circle Displays, giving you the opportunity to present anything that is viewable from your desktop. With Circle Technology, you can rely on our single solution, instead of a multitude of technologies having to somehow work together, just a simple click and you begin. For more information about Circle Technology, log onto


About Stampede

Known for its value-added distribution, Amherst, New York-based Stampede is the leading distributor of presentation equipment including LCD/DLP projectors and flat panel displays. Stampede provides a complete range of brand name presentation equipment to a variety of audio/video, computer, and home theater resellers and integrators in the United States, Canada and Latin America. These resellers rely on Stampede for value-added services in distribution, marketing and solution- based sales. Stampede annually produces the “Big Book of AV,” a 1000-page catalog and companion website (

) providing hundreds of sales, installation and spec tips for Stampede’s dealers in addition to product details on more than 5,000 SKUs. For more information on Stampede, log onto


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