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MEDFORD, OR, JULY 3, 2008—The stage is rarely dark at the

Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater

, a historic performing arts center in Medford, OR. The venue hosts up to 100 performances and other events per season, keeping staff members busy. All of this comes together through use of intercom solutions from

Clear-ComA® Communication Systems

, a brand of The Vitec Group, which the facility has used for more than a decade. Recently, staffers there beta-tested the latest version of

Clear-Com’s CellCom10A®

digital wireless unit, CellCom10 Version 1.5.7, giving it a huge round of applause.

The 734-seat theater, which has served as a vaudeville stage, movie theater and road house since it was built in 1924, is a long-time user of Clear-Com intercom solutions. Clear-Com’s four-channel hardwired system was first installed there in 1997 when the facility underwent a major renovation. Then, in February 2007, CellCom10 Version 1.5.5 was installed, and has been a resounding success ever since. So when Clear-Com asked staffers to beta-test the latest incarnation of CellCom10, Version 1.5.7, they were happy to oblige.

“The wireless aspect of CellCom10 Version 1.5.7 gives us the flexibility and efficiency required by live theatre,”? says Brad Nelson, production manager, Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater. “It lets our staff stay in touch no matter where we are in the theater, which is very beneficial if you have to look for a conductor, dancer or other performer who’s not in the right spot. Also, the new call light [call alert with vibration] function makes communication between the wireless and wired systems possible, which is a tremendous benefit.”?

The theater hosts a variety of events, from elaborate Broadway-style live shows and dance performances to concerts, with crew sizes ranging from three to 50 people or more. The CellCom10 Version 1.5.7 will help everyone keep abreast of each other’s activities by enabling beltpack-to-beltpack conversations or small group conferences, no matter where each person is physically located in the facility.

Other new CellCom10 Version 1.5.7 features and functionalities include the call alert with vibration function, which allows a wireless user to trigger the call light on a wired user’s Clear-Com pack, as well as a remote battery monitoring display and remote microphone kill control. The digital wireless intercom unit is based on a cellular architecture that allows up to 10 beltpacks to roam seamlessly between remote active antennas. At the heart of the system is a highly programmable 1RU basestation, from which an operator can control and oversee all communications for up to 10 durable, digital wireless beltpacks.

Nelson says what was so compelling about using CellCom10 Version 1.5.7 was the high level of customer support from Clear-Com and the overall reliability of the brand. “Clear-Com is always looking to improve the system,”? he notes. “Its tech support team is right there to help us out if we ever run into any issues. Clear-Com always makes a very stable and solid product.”?

Craterian Performances is the membership-based, not-for-profit agency that owns and operates the Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater for the community of Southern Oregon. Its mission is to enhance the cultural opportunities of the region and increase community pride by operating a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose performance facility. It provides a forum for community events, as well as a center for local, regional and national performing artists.

Note: CellComA® and FreeSpeakA® are different brands representing the same digital wireless intercom system (with minor technical differences). Due to trademark limitations, CellCom10 is only available in the USA and Canada; FreeSpeak10 is available in all other countries.


Clear-ComA®, a brand of Vitec Group plc, is the global leader of professional communication solutions for broadcast, live performance, military, government and commercial markets. For more than 40 years, Clear-Com’s signature products such as Encore Party-line, Eclipse Digital Matrix, CellComA®/FreeSpeakA® Digital Wireless and IP Communications systems have revolutionized broadcast stations, production trucks, houses of worship and performance venues. Recognizing Clear-Com for its history of intercom innovation, production teams around the world achieve ubiquitous communication with products to promote easy interoperability and global connectivity. More information can be found at



The Vitec Group plc is acknowledged as a global leader in the supply of equipment and services to the broadcasting, entertainment and photographic industries and has established a reputation for technical excellence and superior engineering along with an astute business strategy which has seen it grow by acquisition. Innovation is a cornerstone of the Group’s activities and the organization is committed to a policy of continuous product development. With revenues (2007) of $546m (A£274m) and over 2200 employees world-wide, its products are distributed in almost 100 countries, through a strong, fully-resourced distribution network or direct to the end user or corporate customer. More information can be found at


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