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Coming Up for SMPTE — July Updates

SMPTE July Webcasts

Credentialed press are welcome to join any SMPTE® webcast. Members of the media may contact Sunny Branson at [email protected] to register.

Standards Webcast — Open to All

TITLE: Standards Meeting Outcome Summary

SPEAKERS: Bruce Devlin, chief media scientist at Dalet Digital Media Systems, founder of Mr MXF Ltd., SMPTE Fellow, and U.K. Governor of SMPTE; and Thomas Bause Mason, owner and managing director of Open Media Consulting and SMPTE Director of Standards Development.

WHEN: Thursday, July 18, 1 p.m. EDT/1700 UTC

The July Standards Outcome Webcast covers the latest updates in SMPTE standards activities including updates to the ST 2110, IMF, and Compression Standards. Speakers will discuss the Technology Standards meeting that took place in Tokyo in June, hosted by Imagica. There will also be a deep dive into high-dynamic-range (HDR) metadata, specifically the standard SMPTE ST 2094, Dynamic Metadata for Color Volume Transformation. Attendees can participate in a poll after the webinar to determine the next special feature.

Standards Webcasts are open to all.

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Monthly Technology Webcast — Complimentary for SMPTE Members

TITLE: Immersive Media and Audio — The Future of Storytelling?

SPEAKER: Pete Ludé, chief technology officer of Mission Rock Digital, is a prominent engineering leader in advanced imaging and sound. His current work includes display technology for next-generation cinema; immersive sound; and interchange pipelines for VR, AR, and plenoptic (light field) imaging systems.

WHEN: Thursday, July 25, 1 p.m. EDT/1700 UTC

The quality of digital video and audio has continued to advance over the past decade, with remarkable progress in Ultra HD (UHD) television, high dynamic range (HDR), increased frame rates, wider color gamut, and object-based immersive sound. But, for the most part, these technologies have been stagnant in one area: They’ve preserved the paradigm of a planar (flat) rectangular viewing window, whether displayed on a mobile phone, a large-screen TV, or a giant theater screen. What would happen if you could remove this constraint and create a viewing experience that was indistinguishable from real life — like the holodeck from science fiction?

This dream is still many years away, but surprising advances are already being made in capturing volumetric images, displaying light fields, and enabling a truly immersive sound field. In this webinar, you’ll learn what technical parameters are required to enable a true immersive viewer experience, and where some current technologies (such as HDR, 3D cinema, and VR) hit or miss these goals. We’ll survey the latest advancements in immersive sound, light-field imaging, and computational cinematography. Some of these new tools are already being prepared for commercial launch within the next few years, and new efforts have been launched to create interchange and distribution standards for these new immersive technologies.

SMPTE Technology Webcasts are complimentary for SMPTE Members. Attend this webcast for free by joining SMPTE today.

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Photo Description: Headshot of Pete Ludé

P.S. SMPTE will offer a brand-new virtual course, “Imaging System Fundamentals: From Light to Lenses,” in August. The course will introduce the imaging chain as the basis of all imaging system design and focus explicitly on the physics of image capture. Instructors will give numerous examples to help the attendee better understand lighting, color science, lenses, and imaging technology.

More information on the course is available at

SMPTE Events and Section Meetings

SMPTE Section meetings around the world are open, and credentialed members of the press are encouraged to attend. Members of the media must contact Sunny Branson at [email protected] for registration.

July 8 — Atlanta — Section Meeting: Using AI to Measure the Image Quality That Will Closely Correlate to How People View an Image
July 17-19 — Australia — Media + Entertainment Tech Expo
Aug. 14 — Montréal/Québec — Golf Tournament

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