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Community Launches Weather-Resistant I SERIES

Community expands the system design versatility of its flagship I SERIES Engineered Loudspeaker Systems with Weather-Resistant models of its I SERIES 800-Level and 600-Level loudspeakers.

In contrast to fiberglass-covered wood enclosures which entail long manufacturing lead times, I SERIES weather-resistant loudspeakers feature enclosures made with Community’s breakthrough PolyGlas™ technology. These Mil Spec 810G-tested PolyGlas™ cabinets reduce lead times considerably and are virtually immune to the destructive effects of moisture and temperature cycling.

I SERIES durable and attractive PolyGlas™ cabinets are constructed from a dense structural-grade composite embedded with dual layers of fiberglass cloth and are built for a lifetime of performance outdoors.  Finished cabinets are heavily coated with exterior-grade grey paint and a UV-resistant top coat, while dual-layer powder-coated marine-grade aluminum grilles backed with NeverWet™-treated acoustic fabric provide additional protection for the inherently weather-resistant drivers.  In acoustic performance and physical appearance, the finished PolyGlas™ cabinets are nearly indistinguishable from traditional indoor loudspeaker systems with wood enclosures.  Custom color options and color-matched stainless steel accessory U-Brackets are available for all Weather-Resistant I SERIES models.

All I SERIES loudspeakers are made in the USA at Community’s headquarters in Chester, Pennsylvania.

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