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Control Freak Systems first in US to debut d3 gx Media Servers

Lititz, Pennsylvania-based Control Freak Systems LLC (CFS) is first in US to debut d3 gx range of media servers.

Lititz, Pennsylvania-based Control Freak Systems LLC (CFS) is first in US to debut d3 gx range of media servers.

A d3 Rental Partner, CFS has been at the forefront of entertainment technology for more than a decade.  It provides clients with cutting-edge hardware and custom software solutions for fully integrated control of video, lighting, motion and live audio. CFS has become the niche integrator and intellectual powerhouse, with a reputation built on providing reliable solutions for never before seen challenges.

The gx range has been designed to facilitate generative content and builds on the d3 legacy of pushing colour, clarity and complexity of shows to new limits. “The gx series is the perfect ‘next step’ in the evolution of media servers and playback platforms,” says Michael T. Goodwin, Managing Director of CFS.  With the gx range, users can render video, audio, MIDI, tracking and automation data or interactive inputs in real-time for shows that respond to their environments.  “The new video card is a game changer and the Notch on-board feature puts the creative process right in the middle of the entire environment as opposed to being an outside file or input that has to be integrated.”

He explains that, “the gx 1, which is a smaller size with plenty of horsepower, will serve us well for shows where two outputs are sufficient.  The gx 2 will be the workhorse for larger shows requiring more outputs. ”

Goodwin says CFS was eager to acquire the gx range as “this platform will allow us to be directly in the line of fire, developing fantastic art as we move forward,” he declares.  “We’re still exploring the multiple capabilities of our new gx servers: Notch, for instance, has great rendering capabilities, and the d3 environment allows for multitudes of third-party integrations, such as BlackTrax.  Having those capabilities will enable us to take on new and exciting projects in the future.”

CFS invested in d3 4x4pro media servers in 2015 for the Taylor Swift tour; “d3 works extremely well with all CFS platforms, including Encore Bridge, E2 Bridge, Conductor and Router Bridge, and is a reliable, trusted workhorse in our workflow,” Goodwin reports. 

The 4x4pros have also been used for NBC Universal upfronts, Robin Hood Foundation galas and investors’ conference, the NBA All Star Games and Bon Jovi’s current “This House Is Not for Sale” tour.

“Our partnership with d3 isn’t just that of a supplier and purchaser,” Goodwin notes.  “We work with the d3 team to constantly see how we can push the machines to their ultimate capabilities and beyond.  Our operating mantra of ‘what if….’ opens up a wide range of possibilities on any given day and sets the stage for endless creative opportunities.”

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