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Converge Retail to Showcase Kinetic Retail Display Platform at NRF 2019

Converge Retail, the company whose platform brings the richness of online shopping to the in-store shopping experience, unveils its plans for NRF 2019 (Jan. 13-15, Javits Center in New York City). Converge Retail’s booth (#2581) will feature several demo stations for attendees to experience for themselves how the is changing the face of retail.

Converge Retail’s booth will be anchored by a large-scale concept of a Tesla auto-configurator, flanked by a two-sided tabletop display and two individual in-line displays to showcase Converge Retail’s recent collaboration with OnQ. Converge Retail’s platform drives retail displays in major retailers such as Costco, Fred Meyer (A Kroger company), MotoMe, Ace Hardware and other major club channel retailers. The Converge Retail platform was most recently deployed in two of Costco’s flagship stores, featuring such mainstream brands as Ring, Google, Ecobee, Nest, Rachio, Wemo, Maximus, Orbi, TP-Link, Philips and Kwikset.

Booth demos at NRF 2019 will feature solutions in the following product categories:

● Automotive: concept design of a large-scale Tesla auto-configurator powered by BrightSign shows how Converge personalizes the car-shopping experience, helping customers configure the model, trim line, options and finishes

● Connected Home: table display with one side dedicated to smart home security, including products from companies such as August Home and Ring; another demo features Vivint’s portfolio of security and smart home automation products, as well as monitoring services

● Connected Health: inline display modeled after Converge Retail’s pilot with a major club channel retailer, featuring products from companies such as 23andMe, Omron and iReliev

● Beauty & Cosmetics: inline display featuring a wide range of high-end beauty products, including La Mer, Caudalie and Fresh

The Converge kinetic retail display platform features rail-mounted tablets that slide laterally as customers browse products on display. Touch-interactive tablets provide information about complex products, enabling customers to configure design options, discover & compare similar products in a category, and view an expanded range of products and their availability both in-store and online. At any point in the process, customers can send content from the tablet to their phone via email, text or retailer’s app, where they can purchase in-aisle or continue browsing and purchase at home.

“Retailers treating in-store and online shopping as separate customer behaviors are missing a huge opportunity to marry the tactile experience of in-store shopping with the content-rich experience of researching and shopping online,” said Paul Chapuis, CEO of Converge Retail. “Our Converge platform brings the two together seamlessly and helps retailers increase sales by delivering a more interactive, informative shopping experience.”

Preserving the Path to Purchase

Converge is particularly useful in product categories with multiple SKU counts, complex customer stories and/or high levels of customization. Retailers preserve valuable floor space by displaying a subset of products, while Converge presents the entire portfolio, enabling customers to browse just as they would online. And if a particular SKU isn’t stocked, the customer simply sends the content to their phone to complete the purchase in-aisle. Rather than “endless aisle,” Converge provides a curated experience of select products.

Insightful Analytics

In much the same way online retailers track their customers’ every move online with sophisticated web analytics, Converge is the first to deliver similar information about customers’ in-store experiences, capturing every interaction at the retail display. This helps retailers understand how long people explore various products, and how deeply they engage with the content presented. Converge provides both the retailer and the displayed brands with dashboard access to see how their products are performing in-store, including access to live leads of customers who send content to their phones. This level of data analytics and lead preservation simply isn’t possible with traditional retail models.

Make Showrooming Work for You

Converge gives customers the information they want, when and where they want it, enabling them to explore, compare and configure products in-aisle using videos, reviews, expanded content and product offerings beyond what’s available in-store. The ability to purchase both in-store and online when a customer’s interest is fresh greatly reduces the likelihood of someone leaving the retailer’s ecosystem to complete the purchase elsewhere.

Schedule a Demo at the Show

Journalists attending NRF 2019 are encouraged to contact to secure a private demo at the show.

About Converge Retail

Converge Retail is reinventing the in-store shopping experience with its newest technology platform, Converge. Converge is a digital retail display that elevates the tactile gratification of in-store shopping by adding a content-rich online experience. Customers have access to online in-aisle content, specially curated for an in-store experience, keeping them in the retailer’s ecosystem from discovery to purchase, and provides new and powerful insights on customer in-store buying behavior for retailers and brands. For more information visit

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