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Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Begins Transition to HD Production with Broadcast Pix

Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler, Ariz., has installed a Granite 2000 integrated production switcher as the foundation for its migration to HD production

Billerica, Massachusetts – Broadcast Pix™ today announced Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler, Ariz., has installed a Granite 2000 integrated production switcher as the foundation for its migration to HD production. Installed last August, the Granite feeds multiple screens across the facility and has significantly improved its image magnification (I-MAG) presentations during worship services.

According to Eric Lyle, Cornerstone’s director of live media, the potential for live and on-demand Web streamingof services is driving the church’s move to update its equipment and produce an HD presentation. He said Broadcast Pix is “the first piece for us to go HD, hopefully later this year.”

For now, however, six SD cameras, all purchased in 2005 as part of a facility expansion, provide live coverage for the I-MAG screens. The Granite populates the main screen, which displays videos and other visuals above the stage during the service, as well as the I-MAG screens on either side of the main screen and three I-MAG screens in the church’s overflow area.

Cornerstone is known for its energetic services. “Our worship has more of a concert feel,” Lyle explained. “A lot of people are drawn to that. It’s definitely a lively atmosphere.”

To capture the action, there are two stationary cameras for center and stage right shots, two handheld cameras for “roaming” shots near the stage, and two PTZ shots positioned for tight shots near the drums. Installed more recently, a seventh camera is locked on a wide shot and is used separately to deliver private coverage of some services to satellite campuses in Scottsdale and San Tan Valley, Ariz.

Lyle was sold on the Granite’s ability to handle SD and HD sources simultaneously, because it allows Cornerstone to use its existing SD cameras while it upgrades to HD. He also said the Granite produces glitch-free switching between sources, and its file-based macros help create polished transitions.

Cornerstone uses a number of Granite’s built-in workflow tools, including the clip store and CG, during productions. Lyle also praised the customizable multi-view, which he used to design a layout across the control room’s two main monitors. “A lot of switchers have a ‘canned’ multi-view,” he said. “I like that you can change and organize the Broadcast Pix however you want.”

Lyle said his volunteer production crews were more excited than intimidated about the new Granite. “It makes their job easier, that’s for sure,” he noted.

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Caption: Cornerstone Christian Fellowship installed a Granite 2000 integrated production switcher, which has significantly improved its I-MAG presentations during worship services.

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