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Corporate Multi-Purpose Spaces Get TecPodium

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When a high profile company searches for a presentation solution, they search for a unique one, an audio-visual solution that will be durable yet flexible enough to the demands and advancement of what today’s AV projects are all about.

When one of the leading software companies (traded on NASDAQ) was searching for a high-end, functional design and technologically advanced lectern for their Multi-Purpose spaces, they sought and found all they desired in Tecom TIL-81HD, also known as TecPodium LITE. The Pre-wired All-in-One LITE lectern supports a stylish and sleek design and with no programming required for easier and faster installs.

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Tecom worked with the AV integrator to customize the TecPodium Lite to fit the customers' requirements for a 24” LED display on an adjustable mount that can be changed by the presenter to modify the angle and position of the screen.

Integrating Crestron touch control panel and Crestron Connect Itâ„¢ Presentation Interface took no time and worked flawlessly. Ease of use, great design and simplicity always WORKS!



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