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Dan Dugan Sound Design Introduces Dante-Enabled Automixer

New from Dan Dugan Sound Design is the Model M, an automatic microphone mixer with Dante I/O. The model N features legendary Dugan auto-mixing for events using multiple live microphones.

Dan Dugan Sound Design, Inc. has introduced the Dugan Model N automatic microphone mixer with Dante I/O.

The Model N has primary and secondary Dante network connectors and is Power over Ethernet (PoE) capable. It provides 32 channels of Dugan auto-mixing at 96K or 64 channels at 48K. Dugan Speech System, Music System and Gain Limiting algorithms are all supported. In addition the Model N includes a new scene memory that can record and recall all operating settings, either globally or by unit, in a library of named scenes.

Like other digital Dugans, the Dugan Model N can be controlled from its front panel, the Dugan Control Panel for Java (supplied free), the updated Dugan Control Panel for iPad (coming soon), and/or the Dugan Model K Tactile Control Panel. The front panel features a complete miniature Dugan Control Panel on a bright OLED display, operated by navigation keys and a rotary encoder for setting values. The product offers standard Dugan linking for larger systems, or alternatively, 16 channels of ADAT I/O.

About Dan Dugan Sound Design, Inc.:

Dan Dugan is the inventor of the automatic microphone mixer. Dan Dugan Sound Design, now in its 47th year, has been designing automatic microphone mixing technology since the late 1960s. Dugan technologies provide the best possible mix of live microphones, providing fast, transparent cross-fades without upcutting, choppy sound or shifts in background noise. Transitions between talkers are smooth and consistent no matter how many mics are open.

Dugan products are used in broadcast news panels, sports commentary, talk shows, corporate meetings, political debates, distance learning, live theater and other applications.  The products are not mixers in themselves; rather, they are accessories to sound mixing consoles. The “Dugans” patch into the input insert points of a mixing console, giving the board operator all of the features of the board such as EQ and sends along with automatic mixing. In addition to manufacturing his own products and plug-in cards for other consoles, Dan Dugan licenses his technology to other manufacturers to build in to their products, including Protech Audio, Waves and Yamaha.

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