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DAS Audio Delivers the Perfect Vibe at Miami’s Greystone Hotel

Miami, FL – March 2020… Located on the corner of Collins Avenue and 20th Street in the world-renowned Art Deco district of Miami Beach, Greystone Miami Beach is an inviting destination for one to experience the magic of South Beach without ever leaving the hotel. It’s the perfect spot to kick back and enjoy all that Miami has to offer. To help foster the atmosphere that is uniquely the Greystone Hotel, loudspeakers from the WR, Artec, Action, and Quantum series catalogs of Valencia, Spain-based DAS Audio were recently deployed throughout the venue.


idesign, a design / build AV integration firm headquartered in Miami, was contracted to design and deploy the new sound reinforcement system at the Greystone Hotel. Michael Meacham, idesign’s owner, tasked DAS Audio’s John Fiorito to design and deploy a comprehensive assortment of DAS loudspeakers. Working in conjunction with Goran Lugonja; Assistant Director of Food and Beverage at the Greystone Hotel, idesign created a system that helps bring out the very best attributes of the hotel’s various spaces. They discussed the project and their reasons for deploying the DAS equipment.


“The Greystone Hotel offers five food and beverage concepts,” Lugonja  reports, “key among them is the champagne basement lounge known as Golden Gator, which includes DJ performances, and the outdoor rooftop area, where we wanted to make really impressive sound, as it, too, is well suited for DJ applications. It was very important that each space had its own unique identity, so the loudspeakers placed in each area were crucial to the overall atmosphere.”


According to Fiorito, “We used a combination of DAS Artec-308 2-way passive point source loudspeakers and Action S-18 passive direct radiation subwoofers throughout the Golden Gator basement lounge. This system was configured with stereo mid/high boxes and mono sub bass. Throughout the restaurant, the upper bar area, the lobby, and the outside entrance, we used a combination of ceiling speakers along with DAS Quantum Q-10 compact subwoofers. Additionally, DAS Factor 8 2-way, vented loudspeakers were placed in the Santa Barbara courtyard while the rooftop pool area uses DAS WR-8826-DX weatherized loudspeakers configured in stereo with DAS WRS-15 weatherized subwoofers in mono.”


“We chose this combination of DAS products, as each line has unique characteristics that enabled us to best match the loudspeakers to the various spaces throughout the venue,” Meacham continued. “Music playback was a crucial consideration throughout the hotel’s various areas, which use a combination of DJs and media servers as the music source. What made the various DAS products so well suited for use on this project is the fact that DAS loudspeakers have superior clarity, so it basically boiled down to choosing the correct loudspeaker to best match the nature of any given area.”


The installation of the new DAS Audio loudspeaker systems deployed throughout the Greystone hotel was completed in early February. Since that time, Lugonja reports that hotel management couldn’t be happier with the results. “Immediately after the sound system installation, we started using the equipment throughout several areas of the property and I must tell you that we are beyond pleased.  The sound is perfectly clear, balanced, and powerful. With each area optimized in terms of the equipment deployed, we are extremely excited to be able to use the entire system and reap maximum benefits. The capable and responsive support from John Fiorito—coupled with the expertise of the idesign team—made for what we consider to be the ideal sound reinforcement setup.”


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About DAS Audio

Headquartered in Valencia, Spain, DAS Audio is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of loudspeaker systems, power amplification, signal processing, and related components. DAS Audio products are found on tour with the world’s greatest performing artists and installed in many of the most prestigious facilities. For additional information about DAS Audio, visit the company online at



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