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Datapath introduces IQS4 videowall splitter

Datapath has created a new one-in/four-out splitter solution engineered for videowall applications, which when paired with its Image4K graphics cards, creates a solution for powering videowalls consisting of up to 96 screens. The IQS4 splitter is said to reduce the total number of graphics cards needed, streamlining the videowall controller by reducing load and optimising capacity. The splitter also gives integrators the option to distribute video in 4K and split the signals at the videowall rather than having to use separate, expensive extenders for every HD output.

The IQS4 can be flexibly mounted to suit a range of applications. VESA mounting is supported for direct mounting behind displays. Where the IQS4s are hosted with the videowall controller, various rack mount options are available depending on the number of splitters required, and there is a standalone option for placing on desks, workstations or shelving.

“With the IQS4, we have used that same basic splitter technology to provide a reliable, discreet solution for powering large videowalls,” commented Ben Dale, product marketing manager for Datapath “With zero configuration required, the IQS4 is a plug-and-play device which offers near-zero latency. By having true ‘splitting’ of quadrants, users and integrators can reduce cabling by distributing video content from the processor in 4K, and then splitting via the IQS4 at the videowall.”

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