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D.C.’s Nationals Park Installs FBT

When Les Slaybaugh of Tuxedo Moon needed to find the right speakers for the entrance to a major stadium in Washington D.C. this past year, he turned to RMC Audio – and FBT – for the right equipment. Nationals Park, home to D.C.’s Major Baseball franchise, welcomes tens of thousands of fans at every game. The 8 Mitus 206L’s that were installed at the stadium’s main entrance support everything from announcements to pre-game entertainment as those fans enter the stadium.

“I have to say that as an audio tech who’s been doing this for 30 years, I was really impressed with the speakers,” said Slaybaugh, Production Manager for the company. “They didn’t really take a lot of exterior tuning to get flat. The only tuning I really had to deal with was the overlap between the compression drivers and the mid range drivers. The speakers were basically designed correctly, to run smooth.”

Erik Hamm, President of RMC Audio, a company that both sells and installs sound equipment, explained why he recommended the speakers to Slaybaugh, and why FBT is becoming a standard recommendation provided by his company.

“I consistently have customers that use FBT and get approached by attendees right after an event,” he said. “People want to know what the speakers are and, without exception, they say, ‘Those sound amazing.’ I don’t hear this from any other brands that customers buy. Once they try FBT, my customers always come back and buy more.  The sound quality is the biggest selling point. They have digital signal processing. The weight is pretty impressive, too. In the old days, a 75-pound speaker might be considered light. These days, and with FBT specifically, you can get double the volume with a speaker that’s half that weight. And the technology is superior.”

Because Tuxedo Moon is based in Washington D.C., it’s no surprise that the company often provides sound for political and corporate events, as well. Slaybaugh explained why he’s drawn to FBT.”

“Our work requires us to support the various corporate and political events that happen in Washington. At private functions and dinners, in hotel ballrooms and meeting halls where you’re dealing with straight voice, with speeches, you’re trying to make what comes out of your speakers sound as natural as a person talking to you. You can do that with FBT boxes.”

For now, D.C.’s boys of summer are on a break. Next baseball season, however, when fans come streaming through the main gate of Nationals Park again, they’ll be treated to what Slaybaugh describes as the “clean, natural sound” of FBT’s Mitus 206L’s.    

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