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Denon Professional’s DN-700R Selected by KCHO-FM

Northstate Public Radio Turns to SD/USB Audio Recorder to Provide Networked Recording, Archiving, and Playback Capabilities

ITASCA, Ill. — April 15, 2014 — Denon Professional, a leading provider of media management and distribution systems for professional applications, today announced that the company’s DN-700R network SD/USB audio recorder has been selected to support Northern California’s Northstate Public Radio station, KCHO-FM. Using simple networking and recording capabilities, the station is easily able to archive on-air material, organize playlists across its network, and play back audio files from any of the station’s studios.

With more than 600,000 Northern California listeners, Northstate Public Radio provides a diverse audience with a wide range of informative, educational and entertaining radio programs. A non-commercial non-profit station provided by California State University, Chico, the organization’s KCHO FM 91.7 required a solution that would record and deliver audio from multiple sources into an organized file structure for on-air playback without resorting to removable media storage. By selecting 12 DN-700R network SD/USB audio recorders, KCHO was able to streamline its on-air workflow, allowing operators to create audio playlists efficiently, per the station’s daily log, before uploading content into KCHO’s playback software.

“Denon Professional’s DN-700R audio recorders greatly simplify the material collection process for our station’s programs,” said Jim Moore, engineer, Northstate Public Radio. “Using the devices’ scheduled recording and audio file archiving capabilities, our users are easily able to convert content into continuous audio files for archiving onto the station’s network. As a result, operators can quickly build playlists directly onto KCHO’s on-air studio PCs and schedule programming playback according to the station’s daily log — creating a workflow which archives programming like any other audio file without the need to record and edit segments via removable media.”

Designed to facilitate recording within installation-based settings such as courtrooms, higher education institutions, houses of worship, conferencing facilities, boardrooms, and broadcasting environments, Denon Professional’s DN-700R network SD/USB audio recorder allows users to easily program content for scheduled events, record and play back material automatically, and designate locations for audio transfer over or outside networks. As a result, the need for on-location media retrieval and manual transfers to standalone computers is virtually eliminated from audio workflows.

Set up on a private network alongside the station’s master clock NTP generator and three studio PC systems, the DN-700R devices at KCHO enable a potential reduction in staff hours dedicated to recording, editing, and rotating media while allowing operators to exchange audio files between studios for eventual airplay.

“The KCHO installation is a perfect example of how multiple DN-700R audio recorders can be brought together to facilitate audio recording, archiving, and playback capabilities across existing networks,” said Brian Aiken applications engineer at D&M Professional. “With the ability to record both WAV and MP3 audio files directly to solid state media storage drives including SD/SDHC and USB, the DN-700R brings amazing flexibility and ease-of-use to any audio environment — merging A/V sources with the opportunities of today’s IT infrastructures.”

KCHO-FM’s new audio archiving system will be fully operational by the end of 2014. More information on Denon Professional’s DN-700R is available at


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