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Digital Alert Systems at the 2020 NAB Show:

New! Visually Integrated Display Symbology – VIDS™ Technology
Digital Alert Systems has teamed up with DigIt Signage Technologies/ChyTV to showcase the company’s new standardized look and feel for improving the visual presentation of emergency alerting information on video displays. Visually Integrated Display Symbology™ (VIDS) guides the implementation of emergency warning graphic interfaces, including the addition of dynamic elements, providing broadcasters with a powerful new way of displaying emergency information. Using VIDS and Digital Alert Systems’ unique EAS-Net™ communications protocol, the ChyTV device displays both a text crawl and a symbolic element corresponding with the current alert state. Depending on the specific event type, such as EAN or tornado warning, the icon can remain after the text has completed its required display cycle. Thanks to this straightforward system, a viewer tuning in after the alert text and audio have aired can still see they are under a specific type of warning and seek more information from the station’s website. This all-new technology application will be on display at both Digital Alert Systems Booth N4806 and DigIt Signage Technologies Booth SL14510.

New! DASDEC™ Version 4.2 Software Upgrade
At the 2020 NAB Show, Digital Alert Systems will highlight its new DASDEC™ Version 4.2 software upgrade for advanced Emergency Alert Systems/Common Alerting Protocol (EAS/CAP) compliance. Further advancing the security theme embodied throughout Version 4, the latest software update includes new tools for managing digital security certificates as well as expanding two additional secure interfaces under EAS-Net™. In addition, several improvements, customer requests, and modifications are included in this release.

When released, Version 4.2 will be shipping on all new units and will be offered free to all Version 4.0/4.1 customers. All owners of the current DASDEC-II model hardware may upgrade to Version 4.2 for a nominal fee.

New! Digital Alert Systems’ Software Assurance Plan

Digital Alert Systems is pleased to offer another industry first at the 2020 NAB Show: a Software Assurance Plan. The Software Assurance Plan offers a simple solution for customers to ensure their platforms are always up to current standards by providing all software updates, regardless of version number, in exchange for a small annual fee. Under the Software Assurance Plan, all the changes, security updates, bug fixes, and features are always available and accessible. By signing up for this service, customers can now budget the cost of software maintenance on an annual basis and eliminate larger periodic upgrade charges. In addition, the new Software Assurance Plan offers members discounts on repairs (parts and labor) and any software license keys. The new Plan – alongside all the benefits – will be available for only $200 per unit annually.

HALO V2, Industry’s First Enterprise-Wide EAS Management System

The 2020 NAB Show will feature the latest iteration of Digital Alert Systems’ HALO, a one-of-a-kind, highly specialized management system capable of overseeing and facilitating command of all DASDEC/One-Net™ devices in an enterprise. HALO combines engineering, operations, and compliance functions from one to hundreds of devices into a single, simple user interface. This enterprise-wide tool forms a single web-based aggregation portal, allowing multiple users with varying permission levels to oversee the health and status of all EAS devices; centralize management of configuration settings; store backup configuration files; and consolidate EAS alerts, including the ability to search, sort, and export alert records for compliance reporting.

With the inclusion of the all-new Advanced Authentication Module, HALO supports integration with several of the most popular single sign-on systems in the industry. With HALO, companies can monitor EAS device status, gather consolidated alert reporting, and maintain unparalleled insight and control of their entire EAS infrastructure.

By combining all EAS-related processes, HALO reduces complexity and duplicate efforts, which in turn reduces potential errors. More importantly, HALO enables companies to better utilize EAS subject matter experts, decreases the time and resources spent on EAS-related matters, and increases efficiencies by making it easier to proactively address any potential compliance issues.

Digital Alert Systems’ UP-TRADE Program
In business since 2004, Digital Alert Systems has been designing award-winning emergency alerting solutions for 16 years. As a result, many customers have systems well over 10 years old. Digital Alert Systems’ commitment to customers remains strong by way of the company’s hardware UPgrade and TRADE-in (UP-TRADE) program, which enables customers to upgrade their existing hardware at standard cost while transferring all license keys, configurations files, hardware options, and EAS logs to the new platform for a small labor charge. It’s akin to upgrading a turntable without having to upgrade every album. Customers benefit from the latest hardware and software versions, complete with a full warranty and the ability to expand the system with the newest options. Original DASDEC-I owners stand to benefit significantly. More information is available at

Company Quote:

“We saw a way to improve video presentation of emergency alerts, which led us to develop the Visually Integrated Display Symbology or VIDS. We are pleased to showcase this unique capability for ATSC 1.0, while recognizing it can easily transition into future distribution technologies under ATSC 3.0 AEA. In addition, our new DASDEC software release is a great example of how we continue to improve on our offerings based on new technology, increased security needs, and customer requests. Finally, our all-new Software Assurance Plan helps customers keep things updated now and moving forward into the future. We encourage NAB visitors to stop by and learn how we can further advance their emergency alerting needs and initiatives.”
— Bill Robertson, Vice President of Business Development for Digital Alert Systems

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Company Overview:

Digital Alert Systems is a leading innovator of next-generation emergency communication systems, including Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) solutions. Formed in October 2003, the company merged with Monroe Electronics Inc. in October 2009. Based in Lyndonville, New York, Digital Alert Systems has a well-regarded track record in developing thought-leading products and high-quality manufacturing, sales, and customer service for both Digital Alert Systems and One-Net brands. The company continues to retain its hard-earned reputation for quality, reliability, innovation, and service to valued customers around the world. More information is available at
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Visually Integrated Display Symbology™ (VIDS) will be showcased at the 2020 NAB Show.
DASDEC™ Version 4.2 Software Upgrade from Digital Alert Systems
Screen Shots of HALO, the EAS Management System From Digital Alert Systems
Screen Shots of HALO, the EAS Management System From Digital Alert Systems
Screen Shots of HALO, the EAS Management System From Digital Alert Systems
Digital Alert Systems’ UP-TRADE Program For Customers

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