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Digital Transitions Now Offers Phase One Rainbow 150-Megapixel Multispectral Imaging Solution

NEW YORK — May 12, 2022 — Digital Transitions, a leading global provider of high-resolution digitization hardware solutions and services, announced today it is now offering customers the Phase One Rainbow 150-megapixel multispectral imaging (MSI) solution. It is part of Digital Transitions’ plan to provide a range of integrated, advanced multispectral imaging solutions to the heritage, conservation, and forensic markets. Phase One Rainbow components, combined with Digital Transitions’ expertise, training, and support, make it easier than ever for heritage and forensic photographers to implement MSI in their workflows. Digital Transitions will show the Phase One Rainbow for the first time in North America on May 15-16 at the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) annual meeting in Los Angeles, booth 512.

Multispectral imaging is a technique used in a wide variety of disciplines to facilitate capturing and analyzing objects in the infrared, visible, and UV spectrums, such as historical documents, polychrome surfaces, fabrics, and more. Heritage and forensics photographers use it to conduct police and crime scene analyses and digitize heritage collections among other applications. The Phase One Rainbow offers a turnkey multispectral solution that makes multispectral imaging simple, repeatable, powerful, and accessible to a broad range of users, and is exclusively offered by Digital Transitions in North America.

The Phase One Rainbow includes all the hardware, software, training, and support required to build a successful MSI program. The camera, lens, lighting, filter wheel, and software all function as one cohesive system. Users can run an entire capture recipe with a single click and can image entire collections, not just singular items. And when MSI is not required, the Phase One Rainbow equipment offers standard color images in a single capture.

Because calibration is built into the workflow, the combined Digital Transitions/Phase One Rainbow MSI solution delivers the same consistent and reliable results from day to day and from system to system. It is built to honor standards, international guidelines, and workflow recommendations such as Charisma, FADGI, Metamorfoze, ISO, and JHOVE.

The Phase One Rainbow comes with all of the illumination and lens filtration required to faithfully document both reflected and luminance content of the subject across each band. At 150 megapixels, the system is unrivaled among multispectral solutions — 150 megapixels is enough to natively capture 48-inch artwork at 300ppi. That means users can capture an entire artwork rather than sampling small areas, and provide dynamic range, tone fidelity, and long-exposure image quality that is light-years ahead of other solutions.

The Digital Transitions team can tailor the Phase One Rainbow MSI solution for the most demanding applications and guide customers on how to best configure it for a given application. Customers have access to expert advice, online demonstrations, and sample imaging from the Digital Transitions MSI demo centers in the New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., metro areas.

“The Phase One Rainbow Multispectral 150-megapixel offering is a powerful, fully integrated solution. It uses special filters combined with multiband and narrowband LED lights, which can capture select slices of the spectrum — from UV through visible and into IR light wavelengths,” said Doug Peterson, co-owner and head of Digital Transitions’ DT Heritage R&D department. “By using LED lights, only nondestructive, low-energy light is emitted onto the original subject matter. An automated filter wheel in front of the camera supports the capture of both reflected images and photo-induced luminescence images from a given wavelength of light.”

Digital Transitions has been a distributor of Phase One solutions since 2012. For more information on the full range of products carried by Digital Transitions, visit or contact [email protected] email.

Visit the company at AIC’s 50th Annual Meeting in Los Angeles:

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