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Discover Mediaworks Upgrades Production Gear with Adorama Business Solutions

Midwest-based media production company, Discover Mediaworks, recently partnered with Adorama Business Solutions to upgrade its production equipment to a more modern and creative set-up. Adorama’s team of expert consultants create unique technology solutions that empower businesses, as well as public and federal institutions to master their mission.

Impacted by the pandemic, Discover Mediaworks has shifted the company’s creative output from a more traditional broadcast focus into a web-first company over the last few years. This shift has required adjusting the firm’s services, as well as upgrading the production gear needed to enhance the quality of its content. Media Producer Mike Jacobs turned to Adorama Business Solutions for all the gear they needed in one place, helping save time and stress.

With the help of Adorama, Discover Mediaworks upgraded from Panasonic to Sony cameras, building new kits around the Sony FX6 and FX3 to future-proof its equipment inventory. Additionally, Adorama helped fill gaps in lighting, LED infrastructure, wireless video transmission and other accessories. Adorama Business Solutions supplied Discover Mediaworks with everything needed to enhance the company’s creative output, including:

“Adorama has been a game-changer in modernizing the production arm of our inventory this past year,” said Jacobs. “From excellent turn-around times on quotes, to detailed and precise communication of the many details involved with a full inventory refresh, the customer service we’ve received has gone way beyond anything we’ve received from other suppliers and has helped us continue to reach our goals. Adorama has been an exemplary partner and key contributor to our success, and I can’t recommend working with them highly enough.”

The new purchases have allowed Discover Mediaworks’ team to film in small spaces or areas of high traffic while remaining nimble and communicative, helping them to get the shots they want and build greater satisfaction of the project from start to finish. Additionally, the prime cameras and lenses have aided their production team to add a higher standard of refinement to Discover Mediaworks’ output across the variety of commercial, TV, and social media content they produce. This has resulted in end products that more accurately reflect their team’s vision, ultimately helping Discover Mediaworks to retain clients more effectively.

For more information on how Adorama Business Solutions’ dedicated representatives can help your organization plan for technology upgrades and get equipped to master your mission, please visit

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