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Draper® Foundation is the Bedrock of Residential LED

Direct view LED videowalls upgrade the smart home experience like no other technology. Digital art installations transform a home’s character. Videowall displays in a home cinema or media room fully immerse viewers in the action.

However, dvLED requires much more precision than other displays. Even a tiny imperfection in mounting destroys the seamless effect of dvLED. That’s where the Draper® Foundation® comes in.

The Foundation is designed and manufactured with high levels of precision and two levels of adjustability. Adjustability at the wall allows it to absorb inconsistent flatness to create that flat attachment surface. The second level allows fine Z-adjustment at the panel to overcome tiny imperfections that can occur between batches of LED cabinets.

The Foundation was designed through the eyes and experiences of installers. Components are sized for easy access to the installation site. The assembly and adjustment process has been fine-tuned to ensure quick installation, reducing time on site and getting the LED into action as soon as possible.

To experience the beauty of precise dvLED mounting and adjustment, see the Foundation in booth 2212 at the 2021 CEDIA Expo, September 1-3 in Indianapolis, or click here to visit our web site.

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