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DVEO Granted U.S. Patent for Internet Video Packet Recovery Technology and is Now Seeking Licensees

DOZER ARQ Technology Corrects for UDP Packet Loss, Achieves Extremely High Quality Real Time Video Transport over any type of IP Network

San Diego, California — DVEO®, a well respected supplier to leading broadcasters, telco TV/OTT and cable operators around the world, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent for the DVEO award-winning DOZER™ Selective Repeat ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request) technology that enables video operators to improve their video distribution over the public internet or unreliable private lines.  

The newly patented algorithm automatically corrects for UDP packet loss, to achieve extremely high quality real time video delivery over any type of IP network including wireless and the public Internet.  DOZER technology “bulldozes” real time video through slow and congested IP routers.

“It’s now possible to eliminate expensive satellite point-to-point charges completely.  DOZER technology allows our customers to utilize public internet or dedicated connections instead of satellites,” commented Laszlo Zoltan, Vice President of DVEO.  “We have edge case customers in the U.S. who use DOZER technology to stream video content live from countries such as Bangladesh, Colombia, South Korea, Greece and Iraq with no packet loss or video freezes.”   

“The DOZER layer 2 technology also provides advantages to companies building file transfer software applications, VOIP appliances, or managed or conditioned lines and networks,” Laszlo Zoltan continued.  “We have many customers who use DOZER technology to ingest content to their head ends reliably and cost effectively via a great variety of existing encoders.  Most interestingly DOZER ARQ technology can provide great value even over provisioned dedicated lines where TCP traffic can cause occasional packet loss.”

DVEO realizes that for video over IP to reach its potential, DOZER technology needs to be available on every device.  This is quite possible since DOZER technology licenses will be priced very modestly for use in consumer devices.

DOZER technology does not examine the underlying traffic and it will not alter the internal structure of the transport stream.  It applies strong AES encryption to protect content before transmission, while decrypting it at the receiving end before passing the content along to the application.

The DVEO technology innovation won the prestigious Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) Technology Award for 2014 for the DOZER IP video traffic smoothing technology.  Only one SBE Technology Award is granted each year.

The DOZER technology is commercially available in three versions:

  1. DOZERbox™ IP/IP + AES128, a compact stand?alone product
  2. DOZER™ Racks IP/IP, 1 RU system
  3. DOZER™ ARQ: LIC, a software license for integration in third?party products, and an available option in DVEO encoders/transcoders, media servers, and receivers

Supplemental Information for Press Release


  • Guarantees error-free UDP real-time video transport on DOZER technology enabled IP network segments
  • Automated Packet Recovery:  Unlike FEC protocols, it only sends extra data when packet loss is detected by the DOZER technology equipped receiver and reported to the DOZER technology equipped sender
  • Protocol eliminates packet loss and corrects for internet jitter and packet reordering
  • Underlying traffic is AES128 encrypted by DOZER technology, but not examined
  • Inputs/Outputs:  2 each Gig/E ports
  • Supports IP UDP unicast and multicast, in or out
  • Uses packet retransmission methodology developed by DVEO
  • Ships with designated IP addresses on each unit
  • Will not alter the internal structure of the transport stream.  It merely forwards all packets.
  • IP address and Port can be remapped to different ones if necessary in the remote network
  • All DOZER technology-based communication is encrypted with AES128
  • Configurable destination port on listener for firewall traversal
  • Can be configured for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint functionality
  • Supports up to four destinations in primary/backup or split transmission configuration for redundant or load balanced setups
  • Each device can be configured as a sender, a receiver, or both
  • One DOZERbox transmitter can send 50+ channels to 32 DOZERbox receivers
  • Each receiver device can output UDP on a local network to one or many different devices using second Ethernet port on unit
  • DOZER technology-based Transmitter-Receiver connections are authenticated with user name and password for additional security
  • Performance certified with WAN Emulator Appliance testing
  • Also available: Rack mount 1 RU – DOZER Racks IP/IP
  • Awarded U.S. Patent Number 9,338,259

Suggested Retail Prices:  
DOZER ARQ: LIC:  $500 to $600 U.S. each
DOZER Racks IP/IP:  $2,995 U.S. each, typically sold in pairs
DOZERbox IP/IP:  $2,495 U.S. each, typically sold in pairs

DVEO, DOZER, and DOZERbox are marks of Computer Modules, Inc.
All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

About DVEO®
DVEO is a well established, privately held entity headquartered in San Diego, California, since 2001.  DVEO develops and sells broadcast quality video encoding and streaming products, media servers and ad insertion solutions to leading broadcasters, Telco TV/OTT and cable operators around the world.  The DVEO solutions enable multi-screen service delivery to any device, anytime, anywhere in the world.  Deployment models include turnkey installations and cloud-based service delivery.  All solutions are built on Linux OS and Intel Xeon-based platforms to ensure 24×7 reliability, and feature DVEO-developed software for maximum flexibility and upgradability, ensuring long term investment protection.  These ultra-reliable products are matched by valuable pre-sales consultancy, outstanding post-sales service and support, and — not least — unusual affordability.

For more information on DVEO, please contact Rebecca Gray at +1 (858) 613-1818 or [email protected].  To download the DVEO press releases and product images, visit the news section at  

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