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Dynaudio Extends Custom-Install Studio Series With New In-Ceiling and In-Wall Loudspeakers

GLENVIEW, Ill. — Sept. 6, 2017 —

Renowned high-end loudspeaker specialist Dynaudio today introduced two additions to its Studio Series, the company’s new custom-install architectural loudspeaker range. The brand-new, modular LCR (left, center, right) in-wall speaker system, the S4-LCR65, and in-ceiling dual voice coil speaker, the S4-DVC65, will make their debut this week at CEDIA 2017. With these new releases, slated to begin shipping in the fourth quarter of 2017, Dynaudio extends the availability of high-performing speaker options for flexible custom installation in the home.

“The Studio Series’ unique tool-free, clip-in loudspeaker modules install quickly and easily while providing integrators with the flexibility needed to accommodate even the most challenging listening environments,” said Andrew Werdean, CEO, North and South America for Dynaudio. “These in-surface speakers disappear into living spaces and enrich home audio systems with world-class sound.”

Dynaudio’s innovative Studio Series range of high-performance custom-install loudspeakers uses the same core technologies and research that have made the company’s hi-fi and pro studio speakers so successful over the past 40 years. The series’ in-wall and in-ceiling frames are designed to retrofit into many popular and existing cut-outs, and Dynaudio has designed these pre-install frames with patent-pending baffle latches for ultra-simple tool-less speaker fitting.

S4-LCR65 In-Wall Loudspeaker System

The Studio Series’ new S4-LCR65 enables an amazing level of installation flexibility via LCR channel configurations, including customized heights and widths and mounting between stud bays. Its modular architecture makes a variety of configurations possible while allowing the installer to easily work around stud-walls without any structural modification.

Two available speaker modules, each featuring a crossover to facilitate daisy chaining, are combined to comprise a Dynaudio S4-LCR channel: the S4-LCR65W (MSRP: $699) dual-woofer bass module and the S4-LCR65MT (MSRP: $999) midrange/tweeter module.

A single S4-LCR65MT module connects to one or two S4-LCR65W module(s) via speaker wire, with their respective frames either connected together and installed in a single cutout or spaced apart in multiple cutouts, creating a single three-way loudspeaker channel. As the individual S4-LCR65 modules are simply daisy-chained via the speaker cable, they can easily be fitted between wall studs to create either vertically or horizontally oriented LCR speaker channels.

Passive crossovers with a three-position switch are included in each module, with pre-configured settings dedicated to channel configurations incorporating one or two connected woofer modules, as well as a bypass position to enable a fully active system setup utilizing external processing for crossover, gain, delay and limiter settings, for example. The extreme flexibility of the Dynaudio S4-LCR65 system is thus related not only to physical installation options, but also to operational possibilities.

The S4-LCR65 speaker modules mount simply, securely and quickly into their innovative, easy-to-install tool-free pre-installation latch-frames. The frames utilize a special integrated counter-spring mechanism to prevent unwanted sonic vibrations, while keeping everything solidly connected in the installation.

The S4-LCR65MT module can effectively be positioned atop the S4-LCR65W modules, or between or even below them, depending upon the specific requirements of the system and the desired tweeter height. The S4-LCR65W woofer modules can be positioned connected to the MT tweeter module horizontally, or if studs interfere, they can be installed in adjacent stud bays. The woofer modules can also be mounted vertically — even directly connected to the vertically oriented S4-LCR65 left and right channels.

Paintable, magnetically attached grills are available for single- and dual-woofer module channel configurations, as are adjustable-length grills cut for customized configurations. The custom grills are individually cut to spec for each channel based on the installation parameters related to the orientation and distance between the installed S4-LCR65 speaker modules. Grill stops, identical to the concealed magnets in the speaker modules’ frames, can be screwed into the wall space between installed modules to ensure that the custom-cut grills are held securely in place. The grills discreetly and securely cover the speaker modules and the wall surface between to create a more unified, streamlined appearance while remaining immune from any vibrations.

S4-DVC65 Dual Voice Coil In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

The new S4-DVC65 (MSRP $699 each) is a single-stereo in-ceiling loudspeaker featuring two 1.1-inch tweeters and a dual voice coil 6.5-inch woofer designed for applications in smaller rooms, hallways, or spaces where a pair of stereo speakers cannot be accommodated.

Like the other in-ceiling models in the Dynaudio Studio Series, the speaker module in the S4-DVC65 is angled 18 degrees and can be rotated a full 360 degrees within its pre-installation frame so that the sound can be directed to suit the listening area. Additionally, the dual tweeter assembly can be pivoted in two positions for further optimized directivity.

Each speaker simply and securely fits into its frame via a unique, patent-pending baffle-latch mounting system — without the need for any tools. Paintable round or optional square magnetic grills ensure that the speaker discreetly and elegantly blends in with the room or space.

Additional products in the Studio Series range include two round in-ceiling models, the S4-C65 and S4-C80, and two rectangular in-wall models, the S4-W65 and S4-W80.

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