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EEG Video’s Alta IP Video Caption Encoder Receives JT-NM Spring 2020 Self-Tested Badges for SMPTE 2022-7

The Alta encoder has now received four JT-NM Tested badges.

EEG JT-NM Alta Certification

FARMINGDALE, NY – June 9, 2020: The Joint Task Force on Networked Media (JT-NM), an international consortium that helps to ensure interoperability between IP video production solutions, recently released the results of its Spring 2020 testing program.

EEG Video is pleased to announce that its Alta IP Video Caption Encoder has been recognized as JT-NM Self-Tested for the SMPTE 2022-7 standard in the latest round of evaluations by the organization. This builds on successful Alta tests for SMPTE 2110 and AMWA NMOS at previous 2019 JT-NM events. The 2022-7 standard provides live redundancy for SMPTE 2110 production using devices that are attached to two isolated networks simultaneously.

The “Self-Tested” element of the program arrives as the result of COVID-19 related travel restrictions, which made the semi-annual in-person gatherings of JT-NM participants impossible for the Spring 2020 session. Visit here for an in-depth look inside a JT-NM gathering and EEG’s ongoing commitment to the organization.

For this latest testing round, the JT-NM Experts Group, which includes EEG’s VP of Product Development Bill McLaughlin, sought ways to recreate the face-to-face element of the program. In the case of NMOS (Networked Media Open Specifications) Controllers, vendors used a VPN to connect to a lab at CBC/Radio Canada where the JT-NM Tested team could observe the results as vendors executed different elements of the controller test plan. In these cases, JT-NM personnel were able to verify the results and issued “JT-NM Tested” badges for controller testing.

For all other tests, JT-NM has issued “Self-Tested” badges, indicating that the published results are submitted by vendors who conducted the testing themselves. The test plans are available for download here from the JT-NM site.

This latest event adds to Alta’s recognition by JT-NM, which now totals four JT-NM Tested badges. Previously, Alta was recognized for interoperability between other equipment in the SMPTE ST 2110 technology stack, standing as JT-NM Tested for 2110-30, 2110-40, and TR-1001.

EEG’s Bill McLaughlin has been a member of the JT-NM interop community since 2017, and has participated in the inaugural JT-NM Tested event as a member of the Experts Group ahead of NAB 2019. He serves as the consortium’s lead expert for evaluating interoperability for live captioning and ancillary data.

“With the added emphasis that the coronavirus pandemic has placed on resilient and remotely maintainable global live television productions, the work of JT-NM in ensuring system-wide interoperability in broadcasting’s IP transition has never been more important,” McLaughlin says. “Alta plays a vital role in the captioning capabilities of many IP-based video production systems worldwide. It is extremely important to us that Alta has received this latest recognition from JT-NM.”

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