ENCO Brings Automation and Playout Innovations to InfoComm

Broadcast automation leader addresses emerging trends and needs in commercial AV market for closed-captioning, instant video/audio playout and media automation
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Southfield, MI, June 5, 2017ENCOis preparing for its InfoComm debut in Orlando next week, with plans to introduce its large array of automation and playout solutions to the commercial AV market. Long known in the broadcast market for delivering the best price-to-performance ratio across automated workflows, ENCO has recently gained traction with AV systems integrators and end users in need of reliable, easy to use systems to ingest, manage and playout media content.

“Broadcast-quality automation and playout solutions have historically been cost-prohibitive and/or cumbersome to use in many AV operations, which often don’t have the budgets and technical staff that TV and radio stations enjoy,” said Ken Frommert, president, ENCO. “However, as presentations and live events grow more dynamic, and organizations leverage their growing media libraries in new ways, there is a greater need formore power and versatility. ENCO is an ideal fit for corporate, education, government, worship and entertainment organizations that require the benefits of broadcast-quality automation and playout at an affordable price point.”

Speech-to-Text Conversion

Exhibiting at Booth 2593, ENCO will anchor its demonstrations with enCaption3R3, an affordable live speech-to-text conversion system embraced by broadcasters worldwide. enCaption3R3 brings the precision of fully automated closed-captioning to the commercial AV market, allowing content creators to automate real-time captioning of live and recorded video for hearing-impaired audiences. Since the software-defined solution removes manual operation via file-based ingest and playout, there is no need for advance voice training, or expensive live captioners and signers.

Since enCaption3R3 is speaker-independent, any subject can begin speaking into the system immediately to produce captions for live presentations, lectures and events. For organizations with large libraries of video content, such as a university, municipality or government body, enCaption3R3 accelerates the process of putting large media libraries and live content online.

“A university or corporation may have 20,000 videos they want to put online, but cannot serve the hearing-impaired audience without captioning in place,” he said. “The costs and labor of doing that manually are enormous. enCaption3R3 solves the problem of achieving such a goal in a timely and compliant manner.”

Instant Media Playout

ENCO’s innovations for instant media playout first started with HotShot, used for quick and reliable delivery of audio clips in entertainment (stadiums, theme parks) and worship facilities. With powerful features across auto trimming, instant cueing, auto ingest and custom asset reporting, HotShot delivers an ideal combination of robust hardware and flexible software for novice and advanced users alike.

At the start of 2017, ENCO began shipping ClipFire, its first instant video playout solution. Like HotShot, ClipFire offers an all-in-one solution with ENCO’s “button box” functionality, providing a simple user interface to fire video clips from an array of large, legible buttons with thumbnails, file information and progress meters. A powerful ENCO media library system intelligently organizes all assets for quick easy recall, while operators can enhance video playout with graphics, commands and supporting audio clips.

Related to media playout, ENCO’s enStreamer hardware solution for in-store media and digital signage playout will also be on display. Compact for installation behind displays, in ceilings or other discreet locations, enStreamer helps retail, hospitality and other businesses target background music, live and recorded announcements, videos, and other media content to single or multiple zones – all controllable from a central media library and distributed appropriately.

Media Operations Management

Long known for its DAD radio automation system, ENCO recently started shipping MOM, a complete automated playout system that brings automatic ingest, media asset management, graphics and playout automation together into a single platform. Like ClipFire and HotShot, MOM – short for Media Operations Manager – offers a comprehensible design using ENCO’s button box functionality to allow a single operator to easily ingest, schedule, edit and playout media from the same interface. MOM’s powerful engine, configurable front-end layout and ease of use gives corporations, universities, government bodies, and houses of worship a simple way to unify all media workflow operations within a single workstation.

About ENCO

About ENCO Founded in 1983, ENCO Systems is a world leader in playout and automation system solutions for demanding radio and television organizations. ENCO is headquartered in Southfield, Michigan USA and retains a worldwide distribution network. For more information, please visit: www.enco.com.




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