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Encompass AV Installs Martin Audio In Sophia’s Restaurant

A stylish, modern take on the classic Italian-American supper club, Sophia’s in Austin, TX includes a Martin Audio sound system installed by Encompass AV.

Austin, TX––Described as a “sexy and modern take on a classic Italian-American supper club,” Sophia’s offers hearty but upscale Italian cuisine with a stylish décor and a sophisticated Martin Audio system that includes CDD10 speakers and CSX112 subwoofers.

The 3,700 square-foot restaurant is named for Sophia Loren and a part of Chicago’s BDG Hospitality Group who also owns Parliament and The Kensington Roof Garden & Lounge. A testimonial to the modern Italian esthetic, it inhabits the space formerly occupied by Sandra Bullock’s Bess Bistro.

Encompass AV’s Tim Pickett explains that, “Sophia’s is open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday and features a high end cocktail lounge atmosphere with a DJ several nights a week, so we had to provide a sound system that worked well for both and the obvious choice was Martin Audio.

“We have six CDD10’s wall-mounted in the main space with four in the corners of the larger room and two in the end of the smaller room, plus a CSX112 sub in each room mounted on the floor.

“The system provides a variety of program material for background music that has to be experienced without intruding on the patrons, and work for DJ’s at higher volumes without being over the top late at night as part of the lounge setup.”

To accompany the sound system, Encompass installed an Acclaim LED lighting system with AL Tube Pro 1000s, which, according to Tim, “look like a long fluorescent fixture but glow with any color you want so that you create a great atmosphere. We just lined the whole ceiling with them.”

Quizzed about his client’s reaction to the Martin Audio system, he responds, “They love CDD because the speakers are clear and clean with plenty of punch for more than enough bass response. It’s a very nice system that distributes very evenly throughout the room.

“The coaxial differential dispersion is ideal for a smaller space because it gives you smooth, even sound throughout with better coverage closer to the speaker so there aren’t any dead spots under the speaker.

“For me, the CDD price point makes Martin Audio quality and technology available for smaller venues where budgets are critical and you get the sound quality of a cabinet that costs twice as much.”

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