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Engineer/Producer Justin Pommer Chooses Genelec 8250A Smart Active Monitors™ (SAM™)

NATICK, MA, October 2, 2014 — Justin Pommer is no stranger to the recording studio. After starting out as a drummer close to 20 years ago, Pommer began engineering in what he calls “mini-studios,” and over the past two decades in commercial facilities and various studios of his own, he learned his way around the mixing board, honing his sound and craft and ultimately moving into producing. Over those years, Pommer has recorded numerous artists that range from Tower Of Power to Tom Petty, and he is currently working with Detroit-born singer Brandon Hines on a project called Olive-White. “After years of engineering and finally producing, now everyone wants me to produce them because I showed that’s what I can do,” stated Pommer. An integral part of his setup are his 8250A Smart Active Monitorsâ„¢ (SAMâ„¢) from Genelec, all sourced through Vintage King Audio in Los Angeles.

“The studio was already set up when I took it over, and even though it’s not perfect, it’s a great little space with a great vibe,” stated Pommer. “I was having a lot of difficulty with my old monitoring situation and we did several changes in terms of baffling and go-bo’s to make it work. That’s when I got a hold of Vintage King and started looking at the Genelec 8250’s based on their recommendation.” Pommer’s control room is approximately 400 square feet, and the adjacent tracking room is about 400 square feet as well. Vintage King’s Chris Bolitho and Genelec Western Regional Sales Representative Scott Esterson met with Pommer and advised him, based on the size of his room and the type of work he was doing, that the pair of 8250’s would fit the bill. “If it wasn’t for Chris’s and Scott’s advice and their follow up, with some of the best service I have ever had, I might not have gone down the Genelec path — but I am so happy I did. We set them up, used the AutoCalâ„¢ to adjust them to my control room, and immediately I could hear the difference. What blew me away immediately was that there were not any out-of-place frequencies, the imaging was completely wider, and the top and bottom blew my old monitors out of the water. I would say I am now getting 20-30% more detail in my mixes compared to what I was using before.”

What also was interesting for Justin Pommer was that for the type of work he was doing, he thought he might have to have a subwoofer. “I believe that most people that walk into my studio, rappers and other artists, want the audio loud. Believe me, these Genelec’s can get loud. If you want to turn them up and blow your brains out, you definitely can do that with these speakers – no problem. And if you’re mobile or you want to bring them anywhere else to work, because of the AutoCal, you just set them up for that room and you’re on your way. They are extremely flexible monitors with great detail. I am very happy with the whole experience.”

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