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Excellence in Analogue: BAE Audio to Announce New 10 DCF Compressor/Limiter and G10 Graphic Equalizer at 139th AES Convention

Grammy Award Winning Engineer Val Garay to Unveil 'Signature Series' VGDI Direct Injection Box

October 29, 2015 · New York, NY – BAE Audio [Booth 919] announced that it will showcase three new products at the 139th AES Convention in New York City this weekend, including the 10 DCF Compressor, the G10 Graphic Equaliser and the VGDI ‘Signature Series’ direct injection box. As with the entire BAE Audio line, each of the new products is hand assembled in California using premium authentic analogue components.

Grammy Award winning engineer Val Garay will be at the booth on Saturday, October 31 at 2:00 p.m. to introduce the first of BAE Audio’s ‘signature series’: a VGDI passive direct injection box — which features Jensen transformers and high noise rejection in a durable steel housing.

“Each of the new products we are introducing at AES reflect our diverse design and engineering expertise, as well as our commitment to building the finest analogue gear available on the market today,” said Mark Loughman, president of BAE Audio. “The G10, our first graphic equaliser, is suitable for a range of production applications and the10DCF Compressor is an enhanced version of our enormously successful 10DC unit, with built-in bypass filter functionality. Finally, we are privileged to have Val Garay collaborate with us on the first of our ‘signature series’ with the VGDI.”

Keeping it real: the new 10 DCF compressor/limiter

The new 10DCF compressor/limiter is the perfect complement to BAE Audio’s line of Class A series outboard gear. Featuring transformer coupled, all-discrete circuitry, the 10DCF also features a bypass filter — with an inductor borrowed from the classic BAE 1073. Sonically, it is immediately familiar to the BAE Audio lineup of gear, perfectly suitable for use in a modern DAW environment or with analogue tape machines. In addition to the new bypass filter, the 10 DCF unit also features refined aesthetic touches such as original Marconi knobs, stepped switches for each control and a reverse analogue meter.

Ten Bands in a Box: the G10 graphic equaliser
As the first graphic equaliser in BAE Audio’s lineup, the new 10-band EQ — which is housed in an economical 500 series unit — is a perfect companion for shaping and refining guitar and drum tones. The G10 features Jensen transformers, a balanced set of inputs and outputs and a dedicated high pass filter, increasing its sonic versatility. The new product, which is also hand wired in California, will be priced at under $1,000 and is scheduled to ship in spring of 2016.

Vintage, refined: the BAE 1073 MPL
In addition to featuring its new 10DCF, G10 and VGDI at its booth, BAE Audio will also have its 1073 MPL on hand — which is currently nominated for an Outstanding Technical Achievement award by the NAMM Foundation. BAE Audio has been building the 1073 for 15 years — consecutively longer than any other company in history. Its new BAE 1073 MPL packs an instantly recognisable vintage sound into a compact, 500 series rack unit.

“As a company, we are proud to embrace vintage gear philosophies while remaining a truly innovative company that is constantly evolving and refining our product line,” commented Mark Loughman. “For us, it is very important to take the very best of our legacy products and build on that, which in turn enables our customers to be more creative and realize their sonic aspirations.”


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