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Executive Producer Mark Aldridge Joins Six Inches of Soil Documentary Feature Film

Executive Producer, Mark Aldridge has joined the team behind the Six Inches of Soil documentary feature film. Produced by the award-winning DragonLight Films, Six Inches of Soil is the first independent film to tell the untold story of Britain’s agroecological movement.

Aldridge has a range of TV and film credits including, The 51st State and Utopia, as well as Exec Producing The Academy Awards and The Golden Globes for British television. He has held several key media industry positions including, Commissioning Editor at Sky and Head of Programmes at Sky Cinema. He also helped launch BT Sport, working as a creative consultant for the first three seasons where he Exec Produced key series across all of its channels. He has also consulted on programming at Endemol Shine, Wireless and Global.

“There is a revolution going on across the planet where people from different countries and cultures are aligning to reform the methods used to produce our food,” says Aldridge. “Intensive farming is not sustainable. Our film follows pioneers of the movement as they replace Post-War farming techniques with nature-friendly agricultural methods. Six Inches of Soil not only documents this farming revolution but will also encourage others to follow.”

Directed by Colin Ramsay and Produced by Claire Mackenzie, Six Inches of Soil centres on both new entrant and established farming pioneers who are leaving behind traditional agricultural methods to build a future that focuses on the health of the soil and increases biodiversity. Aldridge will help to guide the regenerative narrative, telling the story of remarkable farmers, communities, small businesses, chefs and entrepreneurs who are leading the way to transform how our food is produced and consumed.

Film experts will include Jake Fiennes, Head of Conservation, Holkham Estate, Norfolk and Stephen Briggs, who is a first-generation farmer and has been farming organically for 18 years at his 576-acre farm in Cambridgeshire. There will also be discussions with leaders in the food and farming sector including Vicki Hird, Sustainable Farming Campaign Coordinator and author of Rebugging the Planet and Henry Dimbleby, author of government commissioned National Food Strategy.

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