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Expand Your Possibilities with AUDAC TOUCH™ 2

AUDAC Touch 2

Your all-in-one hub for your AUDAC installations

 North America, December 9, 2020 – A.C. ProMedia, alongside AUDAC is excited to tell you that a new AUDAC Touch™ update has arrived! And oh boy did AUDAC pack a lot of new features into it. Several changes were made to make your audio experience much faster, clearer, and better.

This new update transforms AUDAC Touch™ 2 into the all-in-one hub for AUDAC settings, updates & controls where ease of installation is key.

“This unparalleled update is the result of the hard work of our software engineers to elevate AUDAC Touch™ from a convenient user tool to an all-in-one configuration tool for installers & integrators as well.  Furthermore, we are now also prepared for the end of Flash.

Seeing that Flash support will end at the end of this year, it is extremely important that the users who are still using a Flash web interface of one of our devices, switch to AUDAC Touch™ 2 in a timely fashion.

The AUDAC marketing team is creating the tools necessary to announce this message through all possible channels but we need your help to prepare all your installers for it as well. Our entire team is ready to support you in this process where necessary.” Tom Van de Sande, CEO AUDAC

Unique New Features:

What does AUDAC have in store for you with the AUDAC Touch™ 2.4. update? Here are 4 things you will love:

A whole new approach to configure your installation

AUDAC has integrated most of the functionalities of its products with a Flash web interface into AUDAC Touch™. Now you have full flexibility to fully control AUDAC’s hardware from one location.

This also means that AUDAC is prepared for the end of the support for Flash by Adobe.

Improved user interface

As you know, AUDAC doesn’t settle for ‘just’. AUDAC didn’t just integrate these functionalities, they also greatly improved the looks and usability. The result is an impeccable experience on any device.

Third-party control through TCP/IP

3rd party equipment commands can now be implemented through TCP, offering countless possibilities for expansion of your AV system to become a total system control platform.

BMP40 support 

AUDAC has added support of the BMP40 SourceCon™ professional Bluetooth module. Pairing a new device, see connected devices, and overall use of the BMP40 can be done directly from the app.

Multi-platform support

AUDAC strongly believes in free out of your pocket controllable audio solutions and further establishes its progressive position through developing the AUDAC Touch™ total system control platform. AUDAC Touch™ 2 is available for free on all platforms.

A.C. ProMedia recently announced its partnership with AUDAC as the exclusive distributor of AUDAC’s innovative audio solutions in North America. A.C. ProMedia will be managing the sales, distribution, and service of the complete AUDAC product line in North America from their offices in Toronto.

Please join us for the virtual AUDAC Touch™2.4 training Friday, December 11, 2020. The 60-minute webinar will be broadcasted on the AUDAC education platform and will focus on the groundbreaking AUDAC Touch™ 2.4 update.

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ABOUT A.C. ProMedia
A.C. ProMedia offers multimedia products and solutions (Audio-Video-Lighting-Control-Networking) aimed at the Fixed Installation & Architainment Markets, through Consultants, Design Groups, and Systems Integration channels.

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A.C. ProMedia is the North American distributor for AUDAC innovative audio solutions, Luminex Network Intelligence manufacturer of data distribution equipment Harvey by DSpecialists media control matrix, Chroma-Q® LED lighting, PROLIGHTS high value and high-performance range of lighting, video and effects products, LumenRadio wireless lighting controls and Prolyte staging and trussing.

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It is what we experience through our senses that make life meaningful. In fact, it can be said that through the qualities in speech and music we experience, we become familiar with the higher values of life.

This is just one of the reasons why at AUDAC you will find a passion for sound. Each speaker, audio matrix or amplifier solution we develop expresses that same inspiration and quality that exceeds users’ expectations, making it no coincidence our success results from exploring new methods and ideas beyond conventional boundaries.

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