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FBT Used at Bernie Sanders Rally

When Rich Werdes, owner of Shaped Music Productions, got a last minute call to supply sound for a Bernie Sanders rally on February 28th, he turned to FBT equipment. Over 5,000 people filled the gym at Colorado State University [CSU] to hear the presidential hopeful speak. The gym, which is typically home to basketball events at the college, already had a sound system to address the people in the stands, but more sound was needed for the spectators, including the press, that filled the floor. Four FBT EvoMaxX 4a’s were all it took to fill in the gap.

“FBT products are great for public speaking events,” said John Krupa, owner of Italian Speaker Imports, the exclusive U.S. distributor of FBT products. “They certainly have amazing output for live music performances too, but when you use them to amplify the human voice, the sound is just superior to anything else I’ve ever heard. It’s clean. It’s natural. And they carry that true sound over long distance; It’s like the person speaking is standing right next to you, even if you’re well across a crowded room.”

Werdes, who’s been in the sound business since 1982, agrees wholeheartedly.

“FBT makes a lot of quality products across the broad spectrum they cover,” he said. “Some other brands are simply not as favorable, quality-wise, yet they’re the same price and are attempting to address the same market. My personal opinion is that FBT might be a lesser-known brand, but the quality for the price makes it a really smart and versatile choice. Anyone can use them, from the weekend warrior to a semi-professional. Whether you use them for a small performance or on higher-end work, you get an amazing, professional sound and look like you spent a lot more.”  

Shaped Music Productions is a full-service technical event production company that offers the top brands in every tier of pro-audio for retail, installations, rentals and production design. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, they service the entire state, in addition to Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah and New Mexico. The company is no stranger to sound engineering for political rallies; it provided sound for Barrack Obama’s CSU appearance in 2008 and Joe Biden’s rally around that same time.  But the company’s real specialties include live music events and installations. Werdes has provided his expertise to such well-known music festivals as the High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, California and the Blues and Brews Festival in Telluride, each for a number of consecutive years. They even did sound for the very first Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee. 

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