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Fibaro Debuts HomeKit-Compatible One-Touch Scene Controller

The Button activates a device or a sequence of devices within the HomeKit smart home

Las Vegas, NV – CES, Sands Booth #40952 – January 9, 2018, 10 am EST  – FIBARO, a leading global manufacturer of wireless intelligent home automation and control devices, today introduces a new product to its existing HomeKit-compatible device ecosystem. The Button, an award-winning wireless, battery-powered, control device currently available with Z-Wave technology, is now available as a separate version compatible with Apple HomeKit. Fibaro will demonstrate The Button along with its existing HomeKit-compatible sensors next week at CES 2018.

The Button is the first of its kind in the HomeKit ecosystem of products that, unlike similar products and technologies, does not require a gateway, hub or bridge to connect. At less than 2-inches in size, The Button is one of the smallest and handiest home control devices that can be mounted anywhere, including on the wall or tabletop in any room to easily activate a device or scene.

Recognizing up to three different actions, you can program the HomeKit-compatible Button to turn off the lights with one click, activate the AC with two clicks, or trigger a customized scene by holding it down. It can activate scenes, synchronized actions involving several devices, such as a “goodbye scene” which closes the blinds, turns off electrical devices and sets your lights to away mode or a “good morning scene” which opens the blinds and turns on the lights when The Button is pressed. The Button is also equipped with a buzz feature that provides audible confirmation of a proper click with one buzz, two buzzes or a lengthened buzz. This feature can be turned on or off depending on user preference.

“We’re pleased to add a new device to Fibaro’s popular line of HomeKit-compatible devices in the U.S.,” said Rich Bira, Managing Director, Fibaro US. “Consumers building their smart homes enjoy the simplicity and wide functionality of Fibaro’s smart home devices, and integration with HomeKit opens the door for additional consumers to add home automation.”

The HomeKit-compatible Button will be available in red, white and black when it begins shipping in Q1 2018, followed by five additional colors later this year, allowing users to assign a color for each member of the family or match The Button to their décor.

For more information and to demo The Button, visit Fibaro’s booth at CES 2018, in the Sands Smart Home Marketplace #40952 and visit

Based in Poland and available in 100 countries, FIBARO is a leading manufacturer of residential IoT solutions, engineering innovative smart home devices. FIBARO opened its U.S. offices in 2014, taking their award-winning modern minimalist design and feature-rich platform to the growing U.S. smart home market. The FIBARO System, known as Home Center, is comprised of a hub and accessory devices using Z-Wave smart home technology. Most recently, Fibaro launched a new product line compatible with Apple HomeKit. All FIBARO products can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world via smart phone, tablet or computer.

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